Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jordyn Lynn [12 Months]

Happy 12 Month Birthday Baby Girl!  We had the best day celebrating your birthday!  Daddy and I took the day off to spend with you, a tradition I can't wait to do for the next 18+ years!  We went to Story Time at the library, to your 12 month well check, and then to the Apple Orchard.  It was so much fun just hanging out, a perfect mix between busy and lazy.
Filled her room with balloons during the night...she loved them! :)
This post is so similar to what I've done for the past 11 months now, but so different too, because this is my last post for six months!  It makes me sad, but mostly excited to think about all of the amazing things you'll be doing by your 18 month birthday [like being a BIG SISTER!!!]  I'm so excited to watch you change and grow into a little girl from a baby [even though you'll always be my 1st baby!]

You are 20lbs 1oz.[55th%] and 29 inches [44th%] long now.  Your clothes are mainly 9-12 months; your jammies 12-18 months, onsies 9 months, jeans 12-18 months onsies, and size 3 diapers. You have 8 teeth now!  You've had all of your 12 month boosters.  You say mama, dada, and yes often.  You wave, give kisses, clap your hands, and give high fives.
You take just one nap a day, drink whole milk as desired, eat 3-4 times a day.  You're starting to eat more table food than baby food.  You love whole bananas, mixed berries and raisins, goldfish, puffs, Cherrios, eggs, pees, green beans, and more.  You are so content with letting mama feed you, but over the next month I'm confident you'll learn to feed yourself! :)

You still aren't walking on your own yet, but that's okay, you'll be everywhere before I know it!  I just want to cherish all the little things you are doing.  Like the way you sit with your right leg up, just like a toddler ready to run.  Or the way you hold your cup with just your right hand pressing against the back to keep it in your mouth.  And how you crawl with your sippy between your teeth so it's always accessible to play with, yes play with.  Every time you rub my back when I hug you or play with my mouth when I feed you or open your mouth to give me a big, sloppy, sweet kiss, I fall deeper in love with you baby girl.  You are sweet, you are loving, your are energetic, and you will always be my baby. 

Love you to the moon & back baby girl,
Mama and Daddy

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Birthday Photos to come

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  1. Awww what a swet post! She is beautiful!!! Happy birthday Jordyn!!!


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