Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm struggling over here!  I don't know if I'm just being a baby or what, but it's kind of a big deal and I need to get it figured out.

Let me start by saying...I love [like love, love, loved] my OB physician with Jordyn.  He was knowledgeable, nice, and most of all personable with my husband and I.  We talked about his kids, we talked about his college/football/alcohol preferences, and we of course talked about the baby growing in my belly!  I know I wrote about [but I'm too lazy to look it up] when he quit [or whatever happened] with less than 2 weeks to go before my delivery.  I was crushed.  He was the only OB I had seen throughout my pregnancy which was my own decision, but we aren't even going there!  I ended up delivering with a doctor I had never met.  She was not friendly and had the personality of a cardboard box.  Yes, my baby and I survived, but I didn't like her.

So...this time around I wanted to find a group that I liked, a group that was close to my home or office, and a group that my insurance considered 'in network'  Two of those three could not be said about my first experience.

I called an office close to my work that carries my insurance and made an appointment for Monday, but I didn't really feel a connection don't laugh, the girl on the phone was practically reading off a script and typed so fierce I thought she had 31315 other people on hold, but it's close in proximity to our jobs.

Then I talked to a work acquaintance who happens to be an OB physician.  I really like her, but I didn't know if she would be comfortable having me as a patient since I work with her.  She casually mentioned that I'll need to see her for my next pregnancy [I haven't announced to my work that I'm expecting H2 yet]. 

Since I really like her and am comfortable with her and her skills, I decide to call and make an appointment with her group.  Her office is about 15 minutes in the wrong direction, but if the hubs doesn't throw a fit about it, I'm fine with it.  So...I call.  And the lady of the phone [a get the vibe she's been doing this for about 20 years of so] treats me basically like the girl mentioned above, a little nicer, and slower, but she insists that I see a nurse practitioner which I really don't mind for my first appointment, because i know they do this a lot and they are also very educated.  But, in addition to that, she refuses to let me be seen before 9 [nine!] weeks. 

Now, with Jordyn I was seen by a family practitioner around 6 weeks for confirmation and then my OB at 9 weeks.  We started telling people at 8 weeks.

This time, I'm a little more practical and decided to skip the whole peeing in a cup but basically just taking an in home pregnancy test in a doctor's office.  I knew I was pregnant, I didn't need to spend the money for a doctor to confirm it, and I'm already taking prescription prenatal vitamins.  We found out at 5 weeks, and told people at 5 weeks [!!]  I would honestly be okay not being seen until 9 weeks, but I feel like Adam would like an appointment to make it real Not that he doesn't think it's real now, because he does, but he's just much more of a worrier than I am and I think he would like to see on a screen that there is a sac with a baby and we're all doing well, ya know?! 

PLUS...We would all like to know what my official expected due date is.  I mean i think I know, but I wanted them to tell me what they think based on the ultrasound.

So tell me...
Am I making a big deal over nothing?  Should I keep the appointment with the office close to our offices?  Do I go with the physician I'm comfortable with and like, but office in an inconvenient location?  Decisions, decisions.  It should be noted that both groups deliver and the hospital I work at, which is a must. 

Oh, and once I finally get my appointment, I'll write a post full of deets!


  1. First --- Congrats Abby (and Adam)!
    Second --- Just giving you my two cents worth - I went with Women's Health Services (in West DSM & Ankeny I believe)... Have you looked into them? (Hopefully that's not one of the places you called!) I was super pleased (receptionists were just ok), but you really are only dealing with the nurses and docs... and I loved them all.

    Email me if you want more details... :)
    Congrats again!

  2. I would try to keep in mind you're dealing with office procedures and not get too upset about it. (Ha! I remember being pregnant. lol) Go into the appointment with an open mind, at 9 weeks, that really does make sense, though I know it's hard to wait, and if you don't like things then, speak up or switch. I switched OBs midway through one of my pregnancies, I know it's not easy, but it's not the end of the world either. Your peace of mind is worth a lot.

    Good luck.

  3. Abby, with all *four* of my pregnancies I've been at least nine weeks before they would even see me. Even with a history of issues, unless something arose, they asked that I wait. Does it suck, absolutely, especially when those first weeks are so uncertain. Also, if I hadn't had issues, I would've had one, and only one ultrasound. I'm sure if you pushed you could get in sooner.

    I too have struggled with finding a doctor we're comfortable with. The Doc that I saw through my pregnancy, delivery, and follow up appointments with Breck left when he was 6 months and until recently hadn't found anyone we were completely comfortable with. We now have both a pediatrician and OB that we LOVE. Good luck!

  4. The OBs in our area won't even see you before 8 weeks, so I think that's pretty normal. I don't care for my doctor, but the next closest practice is 30 minutes away as are the two other hospitals, so I put up with what I have for now. I say if you actually like the OB, then an extra 15 minutes and waiting till 9 weeks might not be as big of an issue when all is said and done and you're looking back.


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