Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm going to need rolled out of the hospital

by the time I have this baby.  

I experienced yucky things like 24/7 nausea and a nasty metallic-y mouth during my pregnancy with Jordyn, but something I never experienced until this pregnancy...cravings!  I guess nothing really sounded good when I was always nauseous.  Baby H2 is totally making up for that.

Wanting, needing pizza [sauce really] at 9pm
Driving the opposite direction [adding 1 1/2 hours to our night] because I needed chocolate ice cream
Swinging by the drive through for a chicken sandwich after grabbing J from daycare, before dinner

The sad part...all of these have happened in less than 48 hours.
Until a week ago I thought cravings were fake...hahaha can I take back my previous thoughts?!

PS...Please send all of your old workout DVDs...I think I'm going to need them in about 8 months!!!


  1. Congrats!!!!!!! I totally missed that you were expecting another baby!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Very exciting!!!

  3. Woah! Wait....what?! Don't worry....anything you gain now you will surely work off running after 2 babies so close! exciting! And because I haven't seen anything public about this (family wise)....I will be sure not so say anything. :)


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