Friday, September 21, 2012


Well, we're here.  The low tire light, scary flying bug inside the car, and hungry daughter made for a less than perfect drive home, but we made it!

We're home, not my home, but back home, which really is my home, it always will be.
It's the place I once felt so suffocated in, but now find just small enough and calm enough to be relaxing.

What am I doing here?
Well, technically I'm here to shoot a wedding [my 2nd] all day Saturday, but it's close to my hometown, so I decided to bring Jordyn and make it a girls weekend with my mama and sisters.  So, here's to a weekend full of girls chatting, giggling, painting toenails, picture taking, dinning out, and shopping!

Oh, and replacing and rotating my tire.  And cleaning the heck out of my car.

Bring it!

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