Monday, August 27, 2012

Jordyn Lynn [10 Months]

You're double [month] digits girl!  Happy 10 Month Birthday!

You actually play now.  It's adorable to watch you do your own thing.  You crawl from room to room [or wherever anyone else is] in about two seconds flat.  The kids at daycare play 'Jordyn Monster' with you.  Which of course is when the kids run to a room to 'hide' and you crawl in and they all scream as loud as they can.  I'm sure Miss Courtney is a huge fan! :)  You're also pulling yourself up to things [specifically your mama's pant leg] more and more. 
You're about 20lbs already.  Your clothes are mainly 9-12 months; your jammies 12-18 months, onsies 9 months, jeans 12-18 months onsies, and size 3 diapers.  You still have four teeth, but I think your fifth one is coming in.
Your schedule looks like this...wake, bottle, breakfast, play...lunch, bottle, nap, play...dinner, play, bottle, bed.  You're starting to eat 'chunkier' things like cut up peaches, bananas, pears, avacados, etc.  Greek yogurt and apple sauce are still your favorite.  Peas, carrots, green beans, and cauliflower are well liked too.  You still have no interest in a sippy cup and we've recently started giving you a bottle in your crib when you go to bed...I'm hoping we don't regret that!  :(

We went to Wisconsin for a mini vacation with mama's, mom's family.  You traveled through Minnesota and to Wisconsin for the first time.  You also went to the park and the Iowa State Fair for the first time this month.  You helped me celebrate my first birthday as a mama, too! :)
Love you to the moon & back baby girl,
Mama and Daddy


  1. I've got you an award go check it out.

  2. Oh my gosh, she is growing so quickly!!! She's absolutely adorable, especially when her smile shows those two front teeth. Hope she starts feeling better soon.


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