Friday, August 24, 2012

{ing} life

{thinking} how nice it would be to get caught up on everything
{thankful} we get to celebrate my grandparents 70th & 75th birthdays this weekend
{hoping} for cooperation during my mom's family's photoshoot [30 people!] this weekend
{blessed} beyond belief for my booming photography business
{overwhelmed} at the thought of planning my baby girl's 1st birthday party
{dreaming} about our date night coming up
{dreading} cleaning the houses before the holiday weekend
{reading} Winter Garden by Krisin Hannah
{excited} about the fun weekends we have coming up
{working} on photoshoots, trying to get all sessions edited before the weddings I have coming up
{praying} for an awesome Fall with my little family

1 comment:

  1. Love this! In fact, I stole it, though I failed miserably at brevity. :)

    I can not imagine being caught up on everything...what would that feel like?

    Good luck with the photo shoot, I love seeing your pictures.

    Two woman.



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