Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Baby Gear:Feeding]

If you're not'll probably want to skip this post. But I've had a lot of people ask me what we love, what we got but never use, etc. So here's the obligatory 'new mama blogger' series! :)
[See Baby Gear:Basics and Baby Gear:Newborn and Baby Gear:Teething for the beginning of this series]
Top 5 things to purchase for feeding your baby...

[High Chair] I originally posted about it here.  I love this thing.  So portable & easy to clean!  Plus your baby can sit right beside you at the table, not in the corner by herself!  You may want a Bumbo to start.
[Baby Bjorn Bib] There are hundreds of different bibs out there to choose from.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a 'Baby Bjorn' one, but I strongly recommend a plasticy type of one.  The cloth ones just absorb [read: stain] a lot.  I know they're less cute, but they're so easy to clean.  Plus they have a little tray at the bottom to catch all some of your baby's mess.  I like the Baby Bjorn one specifically because it's a little more firm and they can't play with it as much.
[Metal Spoons] I love these little spoons.  They are cheap and turn white to indicate if the food is to warm.  Call me old school, I much prefer the metal handle over plastic.

[Containers] We make our own baby food, so we use lots of containers!  We use these tray to freeze the baby food.  After they're frozen, we throw them in a large ziplock for the most space effective storage.  The day before she eats we put a little frozen food pod into a sealable container in the refridgerator so it's ready to go for the next day.
[Beaba Babycook Food Maker] As I mentioned, we make our own baby food.  We have only used the prepackaged food twice [while traveling long distances] and Jordyn struggled to eat it.  I think it was just too runny of a texture for her.  I have to admit I was not interested in making her food, but this was something my husband wanted and fully took responsibility for.  So, we started...and now, we LOVE it!  I would never go back to the packaged stuff unless we really had to for some reason.  You can control the consistancy of the food and it's really, really simple to make.  If you're on the line, I say GO FOR IT! :)  Oh, and this one is great, although I've never used another one so I don't have anything to compare it to!

All photos/links from Amazon website. Nobody sponsored this post.  Just chatting from one mom to another!

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