Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Murdock Update

After this post [thank you all, for your thoughts] I thought I should give you the latest update with Murdock.

Friday Adam took Murdock to the vet [I was at my emotional end with spending 1/2 days at the vet, waiting & not getting any answers]. 

He is still on three of these medications, but one of them is specifically hard on large breed dogs.  Other than increased appetite & urination, it causes diabetes, & is thinning his skin.  So, we are trying to wean him off that medication again [we tired once & his nodules came right back].  If that is successful, we'll take him off a second medication.  If not, our only other option is to try a [human] cancer drug.  The negative thing about that option...we would need to take him back to Ames for check ups [blood/urine draw] every 2 weeks [read::extremely time sucking & ridiculously expensive considering each time we go-currently every 3 weeks-it's $150-200]

On a positive note, he gained 5 pounds [even though he's lost most all of his muscle & it's all fat weight] 

So...we wait & see how he reacts to the decreased dosage of prednisone.


  1. Thinking of you guys :'-( Give M a big ol' hug!!

  2. Ah poor guy. He seems to love his sisters. :) Sending hugs.

  3. so sad - i truly hope he gets better soon... it's so sad to see our pets in pain or going through something we really have little control over :(
    Thinking about you and your pup!

  4. That has to be so hard!! I really am praying he gets better. Our pets are family and its hard to see them struggle. Keep us posted!!!


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