Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[Baby Gear:Basics]

If you're not expecting...you'll probably want to skip this post. But I've had a lot of people ask me what we love, what we got but never use, etc. So here's the obligatory 'new mama blogger' post! :)

Monitor - We purchased an Angel Care 3 in 1 Video Baby Monitor [Sound, Motion, and Video].  What an awesome purchase.  We decided to splurge on this item, knowing we wanted more children.  I'm so glad we did.  It is so nice to be able to look at her at any time.  Some neat features include a zoom, a timer, a mute button and the ability to talk back [like a walkie talkie].
Crib - We picked a basic [dark] one from Babies R Us that could be converted into a toddler bed with a little kit.  Looking back, I wish I would have purchased one with storage on the side.  Live and learn I guess!
Car Seat - Although I would have preferred a Britiax for safety, we just couldn't justify $250 a pop.  We chose a Baby Trend unisex car seat and purchased an extra base off Amazon.
Stroller - We bought our car seat and stroller together as a combo.  Instead of a regular stroller and a jogging stroller, we bought a combo that offered a three wheel stroller option.  Which was the main reason we ended  up with a Baby Trend Brand Car Seat.  So far we have been very happy with the purchase!
Diaper Bag - I knew right away that I wanted to get a diaper bag that I loved since I would be carrying it around for a long time!  After some research, I chose a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag.  I love it!  My favorite thing about it is the backpack or regular strap carrying option.  Also, it comes in tons of different fabrics!  If I didn't get that one, I was going to get a designer [probably Coach] diaper bag.  I just didn't feel like they had a whole lot of organization/structure to them, but that was my second choice.
Swing - We chose the Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Swing Center - Snuggly Safari.  Mainly because it somewhat matched the nursery, had a battery or plug in option, and could swing from any direction.  It also is a vibrating seat and has lots of music options [several soothing sounds or and iPod hook up]  I found mine at a consignment shop for a fraction of the cost.  Great purchase except it's BIG and takes up a lot of space! :(

Bouncer/Jumper Thing - I never know what to call these things!  I love the Johnny Jump Up's, but we don't have a good doorway to use.  So we asked for the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper.  So far she [& all of our friends kids] loves it although she's still a bit small for it!  Again, very large & takes up a lot of space! :(
Nose Sucker - Yes, I know they're really called Aspirators.  We have always used the ugly one from the hospital and had good luck with it.  We just plug one side of her nose and suck the other and it seems to work great.  Although we [thankfully] haven't had to use it much.  For my friends that have to clean their kids out lots, they seem to prefer the Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator.  I have never personally used it though.

Bumbo - This is actually something that we haven't used much.  It's great for about 5 minutes.  I'm not totally sold, but we bought the tray too, so we plan to use it to feed her when we start that next month.  Everyone has one, so we got one too.  Not bad, we just don't get it out much.
Boppy - Also an item that everyone had, so I got too.  I really didn't use it much.  Sometimes she would just hang out in it, but mostly we let her chill in her Nap Nanny.  I used it more for photos than anything else.  I do think if I had had a C-section or was able to breastfeed, I would have used it a lot more.  Again, not a bad purchase, just not something we used much.
High Chair - We aren't using ours for Jordyn yet, but several of our friends children have used it and so far we've been impressed with the Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair.  We chose it travels well [friends without children, lake house, restaurants, etc.]  Very easy to clean and don't take up much area!

We did not purchase a...
Changing Table - I've been around kids a lot and know that I would not use it.  I'm much more of a blanket on the floor in the middle of the living room kinda mama!

Diaper Warmer - Jordyn was always good with cold wipes.  I guess that's just what she got used to in the hospital.  You will get peed on the first month, but I still don't think a wipe warmer is justifiable.  Plus you still have to use cold wipes whenever you're traveling.

Diaper Genie - We live in a condo.  We take our trash out daily.  No need for a diaper genie.  Also, no room for a diaper genie! Double tie the Bender's bag and call it good!  :)

All photos/links from Amazon and Babies R Us websites.  Nobody sponsored this post.

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