Friday, December 2, 2011

Mishmash! [New Life, Working, Laptop, Schedule, Sick Pup]

Okay I started this post Tuesday...waiting to post until I added the photos...since I still haven't uploaded the photos from my camera I'll go ahead and just post without them... :(

Yes, I am still alive [I've had a few emails checking!] :)  I cannot believe my last post was 10 days 13 days weeks ago...that's probably a new [horrible!] record for me.  Life is just going by WAY too fast!  I can't handle it!  I'm trying my hardest to cherish every.single.moment with my precious baby girl.  It's really very easy since she is such a good baby and I pretty much hold her all day!  However I'm thinking about going back on my anxiety medication.  That panic feeling never seems to go away...SO much to do and NO TIME!  I hate it.  I'm forever feeling torn between holding my baby, taking/editing/ordering photos of her, blogging about her, and everything else in life like cleaning, going to appointments, writing thank yous, laundry/dishes and on and on!  I'm not even working yet...imagine how torn I'm going to feel with 40 hours of work taking my time.

Speaking of work...I've tried my hardest to convince my husband to let me stay home but he's informed me it's just not practical for me to stay home at this point.  I carry our insurance and flex spending.  I'm trying my hardest to stay positive and be thankful for a job during this horrible economy, but deep down I NEVER expected to be a working mom.  Ever since I was a little girl when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said I was going to be a stay at home mama.  When I met Adam I just kind of assumed that's how it would happen since both my mom and his mom stayed home.  However, to maintain a semi similar lifestyle, I will continue to work.  Praise God I only work 4 days a week and I'll go in by 5am so I'm home by 4pm and I have a wonderful boss who is very flexible.

I'm writing this post from my new laptop!  If you remember I treated myself to a large, splurge item the day after Thanksgiving last year.  I did the same this year too...a new MacBook Pro! :)  Truth is I had been needing a new computer for several months.  My other MacBook was bought about 3 1/2 years ago and was failing...big time!  The CD/DVD burner quit, the camera no longer worked, the screen only worked in one position, and the frame was cracked and held together with was a great computer and was used LOTS before I finally decided to replace it.  I opted for the MacBook Pro this time since I completely filled the hard drive several times with the old one.  Now... the 50 hours of time it's going to take to organize and transfer everything over to the new times! :)
Mac 1
Mac 2

Yesterday was Day 1 of attempting a 'schedule' will Miss Jordyn.  She is a very good baby...hardly crying, eats well, sleeps well.  The only issue I never really know when she'll be sleeping or needing to eat.  It makes it tough to schedule appointments...and let me tell you, we've been scheduling lots lately!  Between Murdock, Adam & I, and Jordyn we're always running to some appointment.  But...back to the schedule...I think it went really well!  She ate at 6a, 9a, noon, 3p, 6p, 9p.  She slept after her 9p feeding until 1:30a and went right back down from 2a to 6a.  We'll see how the rest of the week goes!  Hopefully this will make planning things easier! :)

Speaking of appointments and Murdock...I'm making him another one today.  Our pup is sick sick! :(  Over a month ago he got a bump under his right eye.  Since then he's got hundreds more and they just won't go away.  On top of that he's hardly eating now, drooling lots, not playing with friends and urinating more frequently.  We've been in and out of our vet 3 times since this started.  He ran blood tests a month ago ruling out cancer, but said he has no other answers for us.  He recommends we go to the Derm and Internal Med specialist at Iowa State [which is what we have decided to do] but warned that we shouldn't be shocked if our bill is 3 to 5 THOUSAND dollars! about stress.  He's practically our first born but how far should we go for a dog.  It's KILLING us to watch him go through this.  Remember that anxiety I mentioned in the first paragraph, ya...this stress is definitely NOT helping!  Especially when we just got our doctor bills for Miss Jordyn...Merry Christmas to us! :)


  1. What kind of bumps? My lab and shih tzu both got bumps as they aged, although they didn't have the other symptoms.

    I am glad you are doing well!!

  2. I had/have that same feeling about a full time working mama. I hate it, but it's necessary and I just keep hoping that way day down the road I can stay home full time. I so feel your pain with that situation. Hang in there. It can be done. And even though everyone says it, it's true that each day gets better after you're back to work.

  3. Hope your scheduling goes well, and your boss sounds really cool.

    Love the computer :)


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