Friday, December 2, 2011

Is the week over yet? [Murdock is SICK]

That moment this morning when my daughter [5 weeks & 5 days old] when tumbling off our ottoman hitting the chair and crashing to the ground [when I was supposed to be watching her]...that is when I knew I was officially over this week!

You's just sucked!

Their is something big going on that I haven't blogged about.  Part because I've been busy, partly because I'm scared, but mostly because I've just been hoping that if I ignore it long enough it will go away.

It's Murdock.

He's sick.  Not just sick...he's been sick before.  But like sick, sick!

Before Jordyn was born we noticed a large bump under his right eye.  We let it go for a while, thinking it would heal on it's own.  Since then, we have been to Dr. Dotz three times.  Although unsure what it was, he was pretty convinced it would open, drain, and heal on it's own.  Now, almost two months later Murdock has probably a hundred bumps all over his body.  They are under the skin, but eventually break open.  He has lots of other symptoms too.  Increased temp, heart rate, sleep, urination, and thick drooling.  Decreased appetite [like none at all] and activity.  He's sleeping approximately 23 1/2 hours a day and struggles to get onto our bed or into the back of the SUV.  He's just plain sick and not himself.  This week he stopped opening his mouth altogether.  In the past two months, he's lost about 18 pounds; this morning he weighed 88lbs.  :(

So...our vet recommended we bring him to the Iowa State University where they specialize in Vet Med to have the specialists look at him.  Yesterday we spend 7 hours in the Dermatology Department where they tested blood and urine samples and took x-rays.  His x-rays looked great.  They heard a slight heart murmur and the blood work had some areas they wanted to pursue, but nothing that said what the specific problem is.

So...they had us come back to the hospital today.  I had to have Murdock in here at 7:30 am for an echogram to check out his heart and the valves around it.  The echo looked great, allowing them to put him under anesthesia for a few biopsies.  They placed his IV Catheter and Tracheal Tube, but they weren't able to open his mouth far enough for a biopsy.  We're all unsure why his mouth is unable to open and how it is related to the nodules at this point.  They did however get a biopsy from other areas.  The bacterial portion of the biopsy should be in Monday.  The fungal portion will take about two weeks.  Until then we're headed home with pain medication to hopefully take the edge off enough so he can eat.  If he hasn't eaten by tomorrow, Dr. Foster will call in a script for depression [to increase appetite...hopefully!].

At this point we have no answers.  We've set a financial limit and already went well over just to start finding the problem.  We haven't even discussed treatment options at this point.  Dr. Dotz wasn't kidding when he told us to plan for thousands.  We're really at a loss over what to do. He is practically our first child and we've had him for 3 years.  He is honestly the best dog I know; he's kind, loving, and gentle.  It makes me sad to think Jordyn may never know him.  One the other hand we've already spent more in testing than we did for all of our medical bills having Jordyn [and I thought that was a lot...ha!]  We're just not sure where to draw the line.  It's easy to say you would do anything for your pet, but when it comes down to it, how far can you really go?  This month is hitting us pretty hard with Murdocks many vet bills, Jordyn's hospital bills, Christmas, and me on maternity leave.   Let's just hope this isn't a glimpse of how 2012 is going to go...

We love you Murdock...feel better soon...we miss you!  Mama, Dad, & Little Sis


  1. Oh honey, I am soooo sorry :( I know how hard it is to try to figure out when the money amount is too much....I had a dog a few years back that I loved to pieces but she was really sick and to just manage the problem (not treat it) it cost me about $500 a month. That doesn't seem bad but when you pay this amount every month for almost a year and the dog doesn't get any better you have to figure out what is best for the family. For us it was to find her a home with a family who has a lot of money that adopt pets that would other wise be put down (because of illness).

    Whatever decision you make just know that we all understand why the decision is made and no one thinks any less of you. I know you love Murdock and would do as much as you can for him and he knows it too.

    Jordyn is so cute...I just want to snuggle her to pieces!!! Don't feel too bad about her falling off the happens to all of us! Everyone of my boys fell off of the bed or couch or somewhere else and they are all just fine lol

    Have you ever considered becoming a daycare provider so you can stay at home? I did that when Kobe was a baby and it allowed me to stay home with him and I had an income that supplemented my pay....just an idea :)

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your beautiful baby girl and big boy :)

  2. I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I couldnt imagine going through this along with caring for a new baby!!!

    We were faced with the same thing earlier this year. Our "first baby" was a 250+ lb pot bellied pig. He got sick the day after my birthday and was sick for over 3 weeks. 2 farm-animal vet visits (coming to our house $$) and no answers. Hypothermia? Pneumonia? They didnt know and couldnt x-ray him due to how thick he was. So, we took care of him...feeding him gatorade through a turkey baster, getting him to eat some of his favorite mashed up foods. Then, one Friday while I was at work, he passed while my husband was holding him and telling him how much we love him. I'm pretty sure he knew that I couldnt handle being there for his last breath.

    It gets to the point when you have to consider how Murdock is feeling. I had a feeling the 2nd week that our precious Squiggy wasnt going to make it, but I was selfish and wanted to try to nurse him back to health. He truly was miserable, and I just couldnt have him put down not knowing if he would get better or not.

    That being said, it has been 10 months since he's been gone, and just last week I was weeping on my drive home from work thinking about him. There have been so many good times and laughs with him, and so many struggles as well (he was a sore spot in our marriage - as he was a gift from my mom). But we wouldnt take any of it back. Our life was enriched by that 250 lb. pig.

    Squiggy was creamated, and I am looking at the box with his remains right now as I type this. I pray that the vets find something and that Murdock will be cured. 3 is too young to go...Squiggy was 3 1/2 when he passed. Know that I'm thinking about you and if you ever want to talk, I am here.



  3. Oh this is so sad :( I am sorry Murdock is so sick! I hope you guys find out what is making him sick and that he can get what he needs to get better! (and for not a fortune!)

  4. This post made me cry more than any sick person/kid/baby post ever has. Poor Murdock... I had to seriously think about keeping Georgia Belle when after I adopted her we found out she had un-diagnosed skin issues that we had no idea how much $ it would take to control. Just thinking about giving her away after a few weeks made me miserable - I can't imagine having to make that decision now, after becoming attached. If there's anything I can do to help you guys out, let me know!

  5. Oh my gosh. This makes me so so sad. :( And to go through this with Jordyn being so little. :( I hope they can figure it out soon and with little $. :( Sending lots of hugs and hopes. xo

  6. oh goodness this post made me cry and makes me so sad that you have to go through this. dogs really are our family and our children. i hope murdock is okay but I do agree with Meg, there will come a point when you have to think about Murdock and how he is feeling. It isn't fair to him to make him suffer just because you love him (soooo much easier said than done) ... BUT as a huge huge huge dog lover I hope Murdock makes a speedy recovery and then your little baby can ride on his back!


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