Sunday, October 16, 2011

::Real Time::

Murdocks Daddy and Grandpa are off working on the duck pond and duck blind...what exactly they're doing....I have no idea.

I've spent the morning relaxing with Murdock, reading Water for Elephants, skimming magazines, and uploading photos in front of the [first] fire at our Lakehouse.  It's been great.  Although I've been nesting lots at home the last couple of weeks, I find my time at the lakehouse peaceful and calm.  I'm soaking up as much rest and relaxation as possible this will soon be coming to an end! :)

Yesterday ended up being busier than desired, but we ended the night with a family dinner, so that was fun.  

I received some irritating/stressful/unexpected news Friday while at the shop getting new tires on the SUV of all places, luckily Adam was with me.  It turns out our OB physician is out for the next several weeks/has left the practice?  Nobody will give me a straight answer...

Well that's the weekend update.  I better go get ready for our nephew's football game.  It's the last one of the season...two games....less than 50 degrees outside right now... guess I better get used to sitting in less than ideal weather for kids sports! :)

Happy Sunday!

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