Monday, September 12, 2011

Good|Bad this weekend

Good::We spent lots of time having fun with friends this weekend

Bad::It was HOT this weekend...I think I'm over the heat for the summer...where is our Fall?!

Good::I took Emmett's 6 month photos & photos of his parents this weekend

Bad::Murdock is sick again.  Friday he was favoring his paw and today he has slept all day...guess I'll be calling the vet today!

Good::I got to babysit Emmett Friday

Bad::The Cubs lost Friday, the Hawkeyes lost in OT Saturday, the Vikings lost Sunday...not a good weekend for sports!

Good::We had another great baby appointment Friday!

Overall it was another great weekend.  We're trying to savor the last few semi-free weekends we have as just husband and wife.  We know the sleeping in and being on the run all weekend will soon come to an end! :)


  1. sounds like a great weekend overall :) I hope Murdock gets better soon

  2. YAY....on the Great baby appt!
    And I hope Murdock is doing better.

    Yes enjoy your time alone with your husband.


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