Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 month

from today Baby H is due!  I simply have no words.  It seems like so long since we found out yet so quickly that our lives have changed.  Time seems to stand still at moments and fly at lightening speed the next. 

I find myself dreaming of physically holding Baby H... wondering wether we'll be blessed with a little girl or a little boy...if our baby will have Adam's smile to light up the room or dark hair like I had at birth.  And while I dream about holding our baby, my eyes swell with tears thinking I'll no longer be able to feel the movement from inside my belly.  Bittersweet.

The feeling that we 'could go at any moment' is indescribable to me too.  Although I'm sure Baby H wont make his or her arrival until November, I still think about every pressure coming from inside; is the baby lowering into position?  Is this what a contraction feels like?  How long has it been since I felt the baby kick?  I'm sure all of this is normal, but it's new to me.  It's completely surreal that one month from today I'm due to become a mama...  

We're off to take maternity photos! :)


  1. Can't wait to see your little one and to find out the sex! I hope you'll share your maternity photos with us? I know it can be a personal thing, so it's all good if you keep them private :)

  2. Ah so sweet. So excited for you!!!

  3. Really, really sweet. I'm excited for you. :) I can't wait until you get to hold your little miracle, but enjoy these last few weeks, it's so fleeting.


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