Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Real Truth About The 2nd Trimester..

Whoop Whoop...we're on to the 3rd trimester!!  As excited as I am to be getting closer to meeting our little pumpkin, I'm a bit sad knowing the 1st & 2nd trimesters of my very 1st pregnancy are over.  :(  Overall I cannot complain about this pregnancy so far, I have been blessed with an easy one!  On to the fun truths about the 2nd trimester!

1.  Heartburn...
actually it's more like nonstop bubbling acid in the top of your throat.  Forget bending over for anything or laying down to sleep, unless you want to be choking on your own acid.  Sounds fun doesn't it?!  :)  It's still better than the 24 hour nausea from the 1st trimester, so I'll take it! :)

2.  Blown Up...
I already feel like a balloon about to burst!  It was like all of a sudden my belly got hard and I popped out.  It's crazy to think how much more my skin is going to stretch...yikes!  Over the course of a week we spent about $500 on maternity clothes.  I needed everything & quick.  Not even my bra was going to last another day!  

3.  Leg Cramps...
I'm drinking over 100 oz. of water a day and still get 1-3 leg cramps a night.  Having never experienced leg cramps before these are intense.  They always come at night, waking you up.  I try my hardest to breathe [because my reaction is to hold my breath] and not wake my husband, but it's kind of hard!  They don't usually last long, but like I said 1-3 times a night really takes a toll on your sleep!! 

Runner Ups...constantly peeing, feeling out of breath, & sleepless nights!


  1. I was almost afraid to read this post since I'm just in the beginning of my 2nd trimester :) Doesn't sound too bad though. I'm really hoping I don't have major issues with heartburn- that sounds like torture!!

    Don't you hate spending money on maternity clothes? I've started slowly buying stuff so that I am somewhat prepared when I suddenly can't get into my regular clothes. Hoping that will make for an easier transition..

    Hope your 3rd trimester is WONDERFUL!! Hope it is healthy, happy, and uneventful :)

  2. Oh wow all that too look forward to some day...thanks girl. All worth it though right! You are a super star.

  3. now I'm scared to ever get pregnant... Choking on acid is not my thing haha all the cute pregnancy clothes might be worth it though :)

  4. so i read something today and it said if you have a lot of heartburn your baby will have a lot of hair with you poop it out! :) or however it may come out! i'm excited for you!


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