Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday...whoop whoop!  I should be posting my weekly baby update, but I haven't uploaded the photo from today, so it will be coming.

I'm blogging from our new internet source...kind of exciting!  We're taking it to the lakehouse Sunday, so we'll have to see if we have reception there.  I'm excited to be able to Skype with family again [since the video part went out on my MacBook].

Just got home from a golf outing with the residents and some of the attendings at the hospital.  I rode around and took photos of everyone.  It was fun...until it started raining! :)

I finished 'The Help' this morning.  Can't wait to share my thoughts about it!  

We have got parcels in the mail everyday since Sunday this week, so I'm just waiting to see what we get today!  Childish...yes, but it's true! :)  

Tomorrow we have a baby class all day, so pray that it's interesting and we last all 7 hours!!  After class we have a bachelor/bachelorette party for good friends of ours.  Hopefully this preggo girl makes it until 10pm!! :)

We had girls night this week...went and saw Crazy Stupid Love.  It was cute, but I would recommend renting it rather than going to the theatre.  Movies are just so expensive nowadays!  I say that, but I would really like to go see 'The Help' soon since I finished the book.

Missing these girls like crazy...can't believe they're 4 1/2 now and just started Prekindergarten!! 

Okay...waiting for the hubs to get home.  We're having company over tonight! :)  

Happy Friday!!


  1. I saw The Help on Tuesday. It was definitely good, but some of it was different from the book and that just bugs me. I thought the book was way better, but I usually do. Can't wait to read what you thought about the book.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I had to move up The Help on my queue because I have about 23 books on my Nook. Heard the movie was good and a good adaptation of the book.

  3. How fun! Those little girlies are too cute! I totally agree, movies are so expensive, we've decided to leave it to Redbox to show us a good date night (unless its something we really want to see like "Change Up" which was hilarious!) Love that computer! is it an ipad? Looks so pretty standing up like that!


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