Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giving up my 'Mom of the Year' crown already!

So you're newly pregnant and looking through all of the brochures the doctor sends home with you.  You go to the website and sign up for them all, afterall you know nothing about this stuff they call parenting..

Fast forward 20 weeks or so you flip through your calendar as you do every Sunday night and realize you have your 'class' Monday.  Carseat safety class that is.  Feeling a little intimidated you walk into the hospital alongside your husband.  You start making jokes about how you can't believe you're going to this class and can you believe how we're turning into 'those people' yada yada yada.  

And do the only thing that seems reasonable...

Turn the other way and power walk out before anyone notices

Yep, that's what we did Monday night.  We took one look at the Power Point on the screen and bolted!   

Go's okay! :)


  1. LOL - that's hilarious! You'll figure it out on your own, a lot of it anyhow. If not, you always have books and the web!

  2. A power point presentation? Seriously? That is too funny.
    Most hospitals just have you bring your carseat in and then they have someone show you the proper way to install it. It takes all of ten minutes. Check that out instead. ;)

    Kat@ Seeking Sanity

  3. HAHAHAHA I don't blame you. That class seems entirely unnecessary. (As long as you know how to strap it in, and not to put it in the front seat, you should be fine... right?)

    At any rate, I guarantee my parents never went to a carseat class, and here I am today :)

  4. <3 it! i'm surprised you got that far before you turned around!


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