Monday, May 23, 2011

The Real Truth About The 1st Trimester..

Warning: This post is not for the weak stomach or anyone I know in real life.  Don't say I didn't warn you...once you read it, there's no taking it back!
I had hoped to post this weeks ago, but here are the top three things I will remember about my first trimester with Baby no particular order.  

1.  Morning Sickness...
my ass!  It's 24 hour, nonstop nausea.  Clearly a man [unable to experience this hell] termed it 'morning' sickness.  I had some level of nausea around the clock for weeks on end causing even myself to want to get away from me!  Thankfully for me this ended by the 2nd trimester!  

2.  Constipation...
like you've never imagined!  I'm not talking about skipping a few days, this prenatal vitamin has the power to block everything up for weeks!  I wouldn't consider myself regular anyways, but 15 days [on multiple occasions] is just not right.  Pretty sure nobody told me about this before getting pregnant!

3.  Hormonal...
is an understatement!  I cried because Adam did the right thing, I cried because I missed my puppy, I cried because Adam told me to throw away a water bottle, I cried because America kicked the wrong person off America Idol, I cried because nothing fit right anymore, I cried because Adam brought me ice cream home, I cried....I think you get the point.  Let the tears roll!  Although it was embarrassing then, it's already funny to look back! :)

I was not sad to kiss those pregnancy symptoms goodbye!  So far the 2nd trimester has been treating me pretty well.  I seem to be much more tired this trimester than the 1st [which is uncommon] but work has been much busier too.  Who knows!  Either way I'm thrilled to be carrying our little one!  

..The belly has started, so I'm hoping to post weekly belly photos in the 3rd trimester.  
..I also hope to post about baby names soon!  :)
..Wednesday we're scheduled to have a 3d ultrasound of our little one!
..Thursday we have a check up with the doctor! [18w]


  1. It is definitely a rollar coaster. I'm so glad you are feeling better now. Whew! Have fun at your ultrasound, and keep us posted! :)

  2. Sounds like the worst bit is over :) 15 days??? wow!

    Can't wait to see belly pics!

  3. Miralax is all I can say. The constipation is awful so you need to make friends with miralax. (especially for after you have the baby and you're sore down there and you have to "go" before leaving the hospital.) don't say I didn't warn ya:)


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