Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Thursday.. [Link Up!]

Outside my window..Sunny!  Not the warmest but at least we have sun!
Today I feel..infuriated with coworkers & tired
I am thankful..I'm off work until Monday!
Tomorrow I am going..maybe some garage sales
I am wearing..jeans and a Past Vertical t-shirt
I coworker would just retire and that the other would mind her own business!
This weekend..we're celebrating my sisters grad school graduation in Kansas City!! :)
I am reading..I haven't touched a book all week.  Just ordered a couple of new ones though!
I am working on..not letting work stress me out!
Yesterday I..had my sister & Katy over for dinner and Idol
I am hoping..My mom's Mother's Day gift gets here before we leave tomorrow!
I am hearing..Murdock pant
I bet you don't know..what Adam got me for Mother's Day! :)
One of my favorite..things about Spring is all of the flowers!!

Happy [almost] Weekend!
I'm hoping to write my truths about the first trimester post soon [before I forget what it was like]!!
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  1. Sorry your co-workers are stressing you out... hope you have a great mother's day!

  2. I hope things get better with the coworkers! I am so excited about your pregnancy :) I can't wait to see preggo pics and more ultrasound pics! I also CAN NOT wait to see baby H :) Seriously, I am so excited that I have been thinking about what I can knit for this little bundle of joy. I made super cute little booties this past week but they are too big. I want to make the baby something he or she can wear right after being born. Is it cold late October early November?? Okay, I am babbling over's just been so damn long since I have commented so I feel like I need to get it all out while I have the chance lol.

    I am still reading just having a difficult time finding time to read everyones blog and comment so I figured reading is better than nothing at all :)

    Have a great time this weekend and Happy 1st Mothers day to you!


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