Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Does Your TV Sit On?

At last…the Super Bowl is over!  I’m sure if the Vikings had played better this year I wouldn’t be quite as excited to have the Super Bowl behind us, but obviously we don’t have to worry about that!  :) I’m sure most people were concerned with watching the commercials, or perhaps even the football game!, but I got to thinking about TVs and LCD TV Stands.  Our friends have a beautiful, custom [handmade by her husband I believe!] wall that their TV sits on.  Our living room TV is setting above our fireplace, our office TV is on a little stand, as is our bedroom TV [much to my dismay…I’ve been wanting to mount it for a long time]. 

So, with all this TV stand talk…How is your TV displayed?

TV Wall?
Or perhaps even on a stand?


  1. Our's is on a stand. Hubby just bought a wall mount (that has been in the box on the living room floor for about. . . a month?) =)

  2. Oh, I like that TV wall :) My TV is an old tube TV that is sitting inside a cabinet. One fine day I will get my flat screen back....like when I get my stuff out of storage in Chicago :)

  3. Well, we're dinosaurs, we have the gigantic, clunky big-backed tvs. In our house we basically have 2 family rooms, they each have entertainment centers; our bedroom tv sits on Mark's chest of drawers. I don't know what we'll do with our entertainment centers when the tvs get replaced and the new ones won't fit. :(

  4. Mounted, baby! I'm not a fan of that TV wall for some reason, but I love their shelves.

  5. One of ours is mounted above our fireplace. We then have a where to put our DVD player and such issue, but it works.

    The other is on a coffee table we use as a tv stand. With the kids the coffee table was put to the side so they had floor room to play. We got a new tv, didn't want to buy a stand, and it matched the endstands, so it works for us!


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