Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Thursday..

Outside my's COLD, been cold all week, but it's supposed to be nice by this weekend
Today I feel..relieved
I am thinking..of my friend who's getting her breech baby turned today!
I am thankful..Adam has been making WW friendly dinners every night!
Tomorrow I am get a mani/pedi, watch a friends son, taking my sister to the airport, & having friends over for dinner
I am wearing..Jammies
I wish..that I had bought that dress I wanted!
This weekend I..will be celebrating with Adam at a fundraiser
I am reading..NOTHING!  Still waiting for my copy of The Happiness Project to arrive so I can join the book club!
I am working on..enjoying each day!
Yesterday I..didn't do much...worked out & went to bed early!  Oh...did laundry too!  Exciting, huh?!
I am sister has a safe & amazing vacation.  She'll be on a cruise for the next 9 days!
I am hearing..the TV
I bet you didn't know..Adam made homemade [WW Friendly] red sauce last night.  
One of my favorite..things this week was going to the movies with my friend Nicky!  We must do it more!!
My Valentine's plans include..hanging out at home with my hubby & pup.  Probably unpacking us from the weekend away!  Exciting stuff!  

Happy [almost] Friday!


  1. I had fun on Tuesday too! We MUST do it more often for sure! xoxo

  2. I'm joining along :) I found this link on the web and thought of you!!

  3. Did you ever decide on a dress? Have fun at the fundraiser...and enjoy your mani/pedi. I'm getting a pedicure on Saturday.

    Joining in this week!

  4. I joined in today. Hope you have fun this weekend.

  5. Awww why didn't you buy your dress? I hope everything goes well for your pregnant friend today.

  6. Can you go back and get the dress you wanted!!


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