Sunday, February 13, 2011

All You Need Is Love..

I had full intentions of posting on Friday, but didn't get it done, so this will be a mishmash of thoughts!  But...if you make it to the bottom there's a giveaway, so hopefully you'll stay with me! :)

I had so much fun friday.  I hung out with my sister for most of the day, shopping & going out for lunch before taking her to the airport.  She flew to Florida and then boarded a cruise ship on the Western Caribbean.  I should note that she almost didn't make it since she forgot her passport in her car, but no worries I got it back to the airport in time!  She text me and let me know she is the the ship, but I haven't got an update since then.  She hopes to let us know when she makes it to her first port [of three].  I hope she has the time of her life...she just finished grad school & she needs a little down time!  Live it up Ash!

Yesterday was our formal charity event.  Seriously!  It was an absolutely lovely time!  A full post will come, but it was a beautiful way to spend our Valentine's together.  Complete with room service delivered for Sunday morning breakfast.  It was a beautiful Sunday here in Iowa, complete with sunshine, melting snow, & a marathon of The Newlywed Game! :)  We [read: I] love to watch that show and pause it after each question asking Adam how he would answer the questions.  I know...corny, but nevertheless I learn something new each time we 'play'

Speaking of Valentine's Day and love...I want to show some love to all of my lovely bloggy friends for helping me get 200 followers!  So I'm giving away some of the things I love the most.  Chocolate...Flowers...and Bubble Bath!  To enter leave a comment telling me something you love!  That's it...easy peasy.  I'll draw a winner sometime this week...maybe tomorrow night?


  1. Your Sat night sounds lovely!!! I love the Newlywed game... and I would totally make Nick do the same thing.

    OOhhhh.. fun giveaway! I LOVE my little boy. As I type this he is dancing around. He is growing up tooo fast! :(

  2. I love my dogs, cats and my hubby of course!!! I would be lost without them all!!

    What a great give away idea!!

  3. Fantastic for your sister. So glad you got her passport back to her, that would have been so bad. I love my family, pup, cocolate (See's is my fave), starbucks and lots more. Happy Valentines Day :) XO

  4. I love my sweet baby girl and husband

  5. Yeah to 200! Good work girl! I love my sweet puppy and hubs! And starbucks! :)

  6. I can't indulge in your giveaway (shipping to Mexico's a bitch haha) but I just wanted to say I love the Newlywed Game, too!

  7. I love my blog friends!!! Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxo! Sending love your way!

  8. I love chocolate, flowers, and bubble bath, haha. :-)

  9. I can't wait to hear about your event this weekend...and see pictures. Me? I love nap time. Ha! No, that's not nice, but really, nap time is awesome!

  10. Well, I'm way behind in my reader, so I'm sure the contest is over, but I love my family. Not in a trite way, but truly. When I was growing up my family was extremely disfunctional and not safe. It means the world to me to have the hubby I have and the kids that I have and to see the way they treat each other and experience the way they treat me. I'm a lucky Mama.

    Your early Valentine's celebration sound absolutely perfect and you made me want to seek out The Newlywed Game. :)

    Hope your sister has a ball.

  11. I am gonna join along and then when I win (LOL) you can just send the winnings to my friends house that I will be staying at next month :)

    I love my boys!!! They make me whole! They are the reason I get out of bed every morning and they are the reason why I try to be the best person I can possibly be :) I love my boys!!!


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