Monday, February 28, 2011


Sunday was busy!  We went skiing with all of Adam's family for the day to celebrate his moms birthday.  It's been a long time since I made that many runs in a row.  Always a great time though.  Both of the 4 year olds did awesome skiing!  I went to bed before 9! :)

Today was crazy busy at work, just non stop!  Adam convinced me to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with him, a friend, and my sister, so I went for a bit.  I left them there to watch the K State game.  

If feels so good to have the house to myself [& Murdock too!].  I did a whole load of laundry [I'm not always best at getting it OUT of the dryer! :], read my book, and surfed the internet.  I love having an hour or so to lay in bed and relax.  So peaceful! 

Hope everyone has a great week.  I'm hoping to doing a Murdock Update soon!


  1. I am going to have the whole weekend to relax since my boys are going skiing with my Mom and step dad. I have to work but I am liking the idea of getting to go to sleep early and not having to cook dinner!!!

    Have a great Tuesday!!

  2. I always say your weekends are the best haha

    Glad you had fun and got to relax!


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