Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year::New Resolutions

Do you make NYR?  I did last year, and even managed to track it for a few months.  I've come to the conclusion...the only thing I did in 2010 was grow my hair out and run a 5k.  Okay I really did much more than that, but I hope I have better than a 20% success rate this year! :)  
My overall become a better [more well rounded] person as a whole.  Oh, and to track it at least one month longer than I did last year! Wish me luck...

Buy a house
Become a better wife

Take a cooking class
Stay up until 9pm at least 5 days a week!


Work on my relationship with my in-laws

Be more spontaneous

Make a new friend

Chicago - Cubs Game
Minnesota - Vikings Game
Iowa City - Iowa Game

Pay off my Student Loan
Purchase an Elliptical Machine


Become Certified in my new position
Get my new 'title'


Continue Kickboxing & Run more consistently

Let grudges go!
Run 100 miles in 2011 - Run a half marathon or the Dam-to-Dam

Learn to use my new Camera

Take a dance class with Adam
Read 25 books in 2011

What are your resolutions {goals} for 2011?


  1. I'm not sure I'm going to set any goals this year...I'll have to think about that. There's always the standard, lose weight, be a better person, etc.

    As a MIL, I would bet the only thing you need to do with your in-laws is be yourself. You seem so wonderful, I bet the rest will sort itself out.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Wow, you have a lot of goals for this year!!! My only real goal is to make it through the year LOL. I am kidding, I want to do a lot of things this year too such as....lose weight (of course...what woman doesn't), sell my apartment, sell my car, go to school, meet prince charming and go to a ball (you Cinderella) hahahaha!!!!

    I am in a really funky mood right now and I think I might want to stop commenting now....I didn't sleep at all last night and am now here for a 12 hour work day. Right now I am giddy and funky but in a few hours I am going to be a b*tch and people are going to be scared of me (I say that but I will probably just look horrible and that is why they will be scared).

    Okay, I am done now!!!

    Maybe not, one more thing....

    Have a great Monday!!!

  3. Wow! Yours are great! Best of luck doing it all :)

    I don't have any official ones for this year, but we'll see!

  4. Reading this for the first time ... after I saw your 2012 goals. I set goals as well...every year. But this year, I'm sticking to them!!!

    I love that you have on here to make a new friend. I need to make a new (local) friend, myself. I tend to get so involved online, that I dont take time to meet people who can actually go out and do fun things with me! Hence, no local female friends. Just one at hour away and my mom (2 1/2 hours away!)


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