Saturday, January 29, 2011

Help Me Choose! [Time Sensitive]

I'm in a dilemma...we have a very formal event coming up and I cannot find a dress for the life of me! :(  I've narrowed it to my two best options.  Please help me choose dress 1 or dress 2.

Dress 1
Cheap [already own]
Afraid it may look too weddingish [It was my maid of honor dress in a wedding]
No alterations necessary [already done]

Dress 2
Would have to order from
BEAUTIFUL [nails the classy look I'm going for]
May need alterations

Without further ado...

Please Help! :(


  1. IF you can afford it, I'd say number 2. It's gorgeous. The other one is a little weddingy. They're both beautiful though.

    Good luck.

    I want pictures!

  2. #2 is gorgeous but if it's pricey, I don't think it's worth it if you already have one. The first one is gorgeous. You could wrap a shall or a little jacket with it to make it look less wedding-ish.

  3. Obviously 2 is a better fit...But how much use would you get out of it? Just a thought! :)

    -Your Cheap Sister

  4. I am sure you look amazing in the 1st one!!! But of course #2 does seem to fit the event better.... Let us know what you decide!!

  5. #2 is beautiful!
    BUT.... There's a possibility it may need a fitting (as you already said)and the biggest negative would be that you have to order it online and that can turn out bad! Because you already own #1 and it is a nice dress, I'd go with that and then you can spend the saved money on your hair and accessories :)

  6. I bet if you accessorized the first one right, it wouldn't look wedding-y. Also, The price factor (and the fact that its gorgeous) make #1 my choice.

  7. I love #1! Both are beautiful though. Which ever you pick will be gorgeous!

  8. They're both gorgeous and I can totally see why you want #2. But, think about all the ways you could use that money that you'd have to spend on it. If you can't think of a few ways that you really would rather spend the money, than go for it! If it gives you a guilty feeling thinking about spending the $, go for #1. Good luck!

  9. My vote is #2!! Good Luck in your decision making.

  10. I love them both...but am leaning more towards #2. But then the penny pinching woman inside of me says go with #1 because then you won't have to spend money. And then I think buy #2, wear it, then sell it.

  11. I love #2 but because I get the whole frugality of the topic maybe take the #1 dress to an alterations place and have the diamond thing taken off and maybe see if there's some fun black lace at a fabric store you could pick up and have added to the rouche that goes from teh waste down to jazz it up a bit and then maybe have some added to the bottof of the dress or something-probably will cost like $50 but would change the dress completely. good luck!!


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