Monday, December 20, 2010

Perfect Day [weekend & Murdock update too]

Yesterday was just what Adam & I needed.  Life has been so hectic lately and this week will be no different.  We spent the day lounging around...never getting out of our pjs or brushing our teeth [just what you wanted to know, right?!]  It was snowing big, huge flakes most of the day.  We ordered pizza in for lunch & watched 31875 episodes of Law and order.  I finished 'Fourplay' by Jane Moore [4 stars!] and Adam perfected his golf skills on his xBox360!  So relaxing...perfect!  I love spending time with my two favorite boys!

Saturday we attending my sister in laws grad school graduation and party.  Her husband wowed us all with an incredibly heart-filled speech and gift [a past, present, & future ring].  But before we went to that we took Murdock to a vet [2 hours from home] for Allergy testing.  We left knowing his Thyroid looks good and he has a double ear infection.  The specific allergy testing will not come back for 3-4 weeks.  So it's a waiting game now.  We're so ready to figure this all out and get it overwith.  We received a very MerryChristmasToUs bill!  Holy Buckets...Allergy testing is not cheap!  No worries though...we'll probably have it paid off by next Christmas...I kid...but seriously...big bucks!  He's so worth every penny though!  I love this pup to pieces! :)

Excited for tonight.  We're going out to dinner and to the Mannheim Steamroller concert!  My in laws are coming too.  Should be a great night!  

PS...can you believe it's only 5 days until Christmas?!  I better get to wrapping!


  1. Poor Murdock with his double ear infection!!! I hope the allergy test comes back quickly so the poor puppy can start to feel better!

    I love staying home in PJ's all's the best!! I have been reading like a maniac too and I love it!! Reading is one of my favorite things to do :)

    I need to wrap my presents too....I can't find the alone time to do it though :( The boys are always there and I can't get the wrapping done! Maybe they will get unwrapped presents for Christmas this year LOL!

    Have a great Monday!!

  2. Poor pup! Hopefully he gets better soon! :) Sounds like my whole weekend... I stayed in cozies both days. We had our family Christmas thing at my aunts on Friday night and then I drove all the way back home to Salem and Joe and I didn't get there till close to midnight. I slept in Saturday... did some chores and stayed in pjs all day. Then I nearly did the same thing Sunday, except that I went for a 3 miler in the middle of the day to get out of the house! :)

  3. Yesterday sounds heavenly! So glad you got to chill.

    Hope all goes well with Murdock.

    Where did you get your Facebook, and other buttons on your sidebar? I love them!


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