Friday, December 17, 2010

Mishmash! [12.17.2010]

Today has been a great day.  I woke up and read for a while.  Gave Adam a haircut. Went to costco and out to lunch with him...perfect!  Tonight we have his work Christmas party.  The hubs work does a lot wrong, but his Christmas party is not one.  We're going to my favorite steakhouse! mmm!

I haven't worked out since Monday, because I hurt my shoulder at work Monday.  The doctor told me to take a week off.  I can't believe I hurt it in such a silly way!

Both of my sisters are done with that's nice.  Ashley will be completely done with her Grad degree in February...I'm so excited for her!  Alicia will be half way done in May...whoop whoop! 

We went Christmas shopping for the pup today and dropped a small fortune!  I can hardly wait to see what we spend on real kids! :)

Speaking of Murdock...say a little prayer for us.  Tomorrow morning he goes in for allergy testing.  I can't wait for all of his itchy to stop...poor pup! :(

Two other noteworthy items.  We learned today [while at Costco with about 20 people waiting in line behind us] that our debit card has a $500 limit each day...pretty embarrassing!  Thank goodness we had our checkbook in the car!  
And...Adam kept mentioning that our kitchen stunk and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.  Until today...when I found a ziplock back of really really old moldy, watery potatoes.  Yikes!  worst.smell.ever!!  Glad to have that gone! 


  1. First did you hurt your shoulder??? You got me intrigued!

    2. Have fun at the Christmas party!!!!

    3. Yippy for finals being done!! My sister takes her last final on Monday and then she is all done till January :)

    4. I used to spend crazy money on my Maya too (I miss my doggie so much). She always got great presents!

    5. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully they can figure something out tomorrow so poor Murdock feels better!!!

    6. I had to learn the hard way about the daily limit on my debit card too....I didn't have a check book on me :(

    7. Eeewww gross!!! I am not really a fan of potatoes after some mildewed at my house...grossest thing ever!!!

    Okay, I think that is good for now LOL.

    Have a great night and let us know how the appointment goes tomorrow!!

  2. Wow, that was a really long comment!!

  3. Been there on the potatoes, not fun :) Sorry about your shoulder. I hope you have fun at the party tonight. Good luck with Murdock.


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