Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lets Talk Money...$$$

Waaay back when
you right after we got married [last year!]
Adam deposited his check
paid the bills
& used his debt card for what he wanted
I cashed my check
and went shopping
& bought what I wanted

then my sweet husband realized this was not going to get us where we want to be
we were afterall married
so our money should be too

and that my friends was the last of my shopping
he put me [us] on a 
[brace yourselves]
[are you ready]
BUDGET!'s been the best thing since

I can't believe I just typed that
but truly...deep down
it has

I'll admit
I was nervous
I had never 'shared' my money before
And I don't like sharing...anything!

But I didn't realize that I was spending thousands yaseriouslyi'mnotkidding of dollars a month
on nothing
[okay...I was getting awesome clothes & lots of other goodies...but nothing we needed]

I thought since we weren't in debt [ok we still have a mortgage people! & I have a little student loans...but no credit cards] that we could just go out to eat & shop as much as we wanted

So what works for you guys?
Do you 'share' your money? Are you on a budget?
I'm curious!


  1. merging our bank accounts is the one thing i am going to dread when i get married. i alreay have a budget ... a super tight one because i LOVE to save... but I dont want to share my pennies! they're mine!

  2. Yes I share my money....with me, myself and I :)

    One of the hardest things when I was married was the money....I like to save and make sure there is something there for a rainy day and he liked to spend, spend, spend. It caused one too many fights :(

  3. Well for now we have separate accounts, since we are not married YET. But I have a feeling when we get married we will have a joint account for bills and the like and then have our own separate accounts for our own fun things. Joe has lots of expensive hobbies and while I don't want to deprive him of his fun (if he can afford it) I don't want MY money going to it! Hahahaha. Hopefully that doesn't cause a fight down the road. But as far as I know after over 5 years, it shouldn't. We have discussed how we will handle money, etc and since we do live together and have now for over a year, we are pretty good about splitting bills, rent, groceries, etc. already.

  4. THOUSANDS of dollars? Jealous!

    right now we're living on just my income, and all extra money has gone to the wedding, Christmas, Vegas and furnishing the house.

    Once we're done buying furniture, we'll save all my extra money. Jorge should start working next month, and 100% of his salary will go into savings as well.

    We'll probably start 2 savings funds... half will go to eventually buying a house. The other half will be for our future honeymoon and any other stuff that requires a lot of money!


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