Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Thursday!

Outside my's a little brighter than normal thanks to daylight savings time
The time is..5:03
Today I feel..sleepy
I am thinking..that Adam's commission check rocked this month...too bad for bills!  :(
At the moment, I am thankful..that we're able to swing all of the extra random bills that came at us this month [birthdays, christmas, IRS error from 2008, a new passport for me, medication, vet bills, added fuel expenses from traveling, etc!]
I am see my gma for the first time since last August
I am wearing..pajamas..slow moving this morning
I wish..I could have made it to the girls night I was invited to tonight...don't think it will work out though
I am reading..the things we do for love by Kristin Hannah
I am working on..packing
I am hoping..Murdock heals soon!
I am hearing..the boys snoring
I bet you didn't know..If you plug your nose you can't hum...go ahead...try it! :)
One of my favorite..brands of jewelry is Silpada

Weekend Plans..

[Thursday] Work
[Friday] Possibly out to dinner with friends...waiting her hear back
[Saturday] Not much...Adam has to work
[Sunday] Visiting my grandma back home [yes, Adam is thrilled to miss the Vikings vs. Bears game, as I'm sure you can imagine! :]

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  1. Have fun seeing Grnadma!!! I spent the day with mine yesterday :o)

  2. It is so nice that you get to spend time with your grandma. Have a great weekend.

  3. The IRS must be getting desperate. They hit one of my friends with an error from 08 also. Only his roommate opened his mail & forgot to give it to him.. so he had a bill from the IRS that he didn't get until 2 weeks after they sent it. Oops!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH, I just made everyone in my office hold their nose and try to hum. Thanks for making everyone laugh!!!!!

  5. Oh no! I totally forgot... I'll do it next week, I swear :)

    Everytime I get extra cash, I get bills too :( No fun!

  6. I love this meme! I feel like a creepy stalker because I like knowing what you're up to!

  7. Yay that you get to see your grandma this weekend! Too fun!


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