Wednesday, October 6, 2010

peace [love&happiness]

I've never been this content before.  If fact, it took me a while to realize what it is.. boredom laziness peacefulness!   I finally feel like everything is aligning how is it supposed to.  

We're [slowing] getting things paid off.. we have a wonderful, healthy puppy..I couldn't love my man more if I tried..the weather is wonderful..I've been working out and feel healthier..we get to spend lots of time with our friends & job is unbelievable [for a job]..we're young & free..we take off and travel when we want..

Yes, there are things that aren't perfect..I wish I could buy Adam the truck he has so patiently been waiting for..purchasing a house is high [possibly the highest] on my priority list..I would give [almost] anything for Adam to find a job is likes as much as me..we could always use more money in the bank..I would love to drop about 20 pounds..

But overall...I couldn't be more happy with my life...I finally feel at peace..I wish everyone could feel this way


  1. Same here!!! Happy for you

  2. I am so happy things are going so GREAT for you! That's wonderful you feel that way!

  3. I'm very, very glad for you. Trust me when I say it all will come--all the important things anyway. you're on a great path.

  4. That's a good place to be. Good for you!

  5. Happiness is awesome!! spread it around to others who aren't as happy and you'll be even happier! WOO-HOO for happy!

    PS - My boyfriend just talked with a Realtor and they said don't take out more debt if you are serious about buying a home - so for you, it's either buy the truck and wait on a house or buy the home and wait on the truck. for what it's worth.


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