Saturday, October 23, 2010

365 Days & It Keeps Getting Better! [A Letter To My Husband]

To my wonderful husband on our 1st Anniversary...

We did it! We made it through what many call ‘the hardest year’ of marriage! I would say we passed with flying colors!! They say you should give a gift of ‘paper’ for a 1st Anniversary gift. Since we’ve spent so much paper on our 1st Anniversary getaway to Mexico, I thought I would just write you a little note on paper instead. Our bank account thanks me! :)

Where do I start! I’m just so thankful to have had you as my sidekick this past year! What a wonderful year it’s been…we were blessed with so many opportunities! It’s hard to believe it’s been 365 days since we woke up to a beautiful Jamaican sunset; you decided to go scuba diving and I chose to spend the morning with my mom and sisters. Nervous, no… excited, yes! So excited I forgot to eat. Resulting in a near breakdown by the time I was getting my hair done! It’s weird how vivid most of the wedding day details are to me, yet long ago they seem now.

We survived our Jamaica trip, wedding celebration with lots of friends & family, the holidays [barely!], over a dozen Dj & Band Gigs, tailgating & football games, A-R alphabet suppers, dinner at 801 Grand, sledding at Jester Park, taking our nieces & nephews to Omaha for the weekend, you getting your wisdom teeth out, several ski trips at Seven Oaks, live performances at the GBPAC, Civic Center, and Playhouse, Steve & Tierra’s Wedding, countless movies, a surprise trip to Las Vegas, many date nights, boys nights, and girls nights, several graduations, a trip to Kansas City, a dance recital, countless pool parties, a golf outing, a dozen birthday parties, and so many other special moments that can’t be defined!

Thank you! Thank you for reminding me that we have already rented that movie, Thank you for telling me where I left my [keys, cell phone… insert anything here]. Most of all Thank you for putting up with me through thick and thin! You put a smile on my face and my life would not be whole without you! I Love you more every day & cannot wait for the next 72 years! :)


  1. You had me forming a little tear so early in the morning! I love your letter...thanks for sharing! Adam adores you, you can just tell by how he looks at you! :) Congrats on your first year! Pretty soon you will be an old married couple like Rusty and I with a whopping 7 YEARS! Oh my! :)

  2. You too are too adorable. Happy Anniversary.


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