Tuesday, September 28, 2010


..I’m loving the new [or maybe just new to me] Honey Graham Granola Bars from Quaker…mmm!

..I heard rumor that a position is going to be opening up at my job…I want it…bad [& it isn’t even available yet!] I’m not even available for transfer for another 5 months & I would have to beat out another girl that has been with the company for 2 years and has experience in the position…this will take a miracle to make happen! It would be large salary increase, with an extra week of vacation, and I would have a ‘real’ title…and best of all I would get to keep my boss!!

..It’s homecoming for the Iowa Hawkeyes this weekend…whoop whoop! Can’t wait…we’re hoping to meet up with my friend Sarah and her husband [& possibly baby M]. We don’t get to see each other as much as we would like, but such is life I guess!

..Hopefully at some point I’ll get around to posting about all of Adam’s 30th festivities!

..I have ton of photos that need editing and printing. I have another photo book create. I really, really want to get professional photos taken for our 1st Anniversary…but I’m sure you guess it already…I haven’t even called yet! :(

..I swear there is a bake sale at least once a week where I work. It’s conveniently located right outside my office door…as in I can’t go anywhere without walking through it. Ugh…Not good for a girl that isn’t happy with her body!

..I think Friday I get to see the nanny kids again!! Can.not wait!

Got any randomness for me?!


  1. What lovely randomness you have! It sounds like you're doing wonderfully!
    I wish I had a bake sale at my job... but I guess that's good that I don't! :)

  2. Hope the job works out. That would be exciting!! Remember, it's your first anniversary for a while, go ahead and call. Or, maybe you could get pictures taken in mexico. That would be cool. Have fun Friday.

  3. I hope the job posting can wait for the 5 months you have to wait to beat out the other girl!

    Woohoo for alumnae weekends!

    I despise bake sales, yet love baked goods haha!


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