Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mishmash! [weekend edition]

It's currently storming like crazy outside my window.  The rain is beating on the window above my head, the lightening is flashing bursts of light into my room, and the thunder is cracking loudly..I just love it!  

The neighbor [J] just left.  She came over to chat for a bit after our company left.  Our friends J&J and their puppy A came over for the day.  It was great.  We munched on snacks and played games all day.  Lovely for a Sunday!

Friday evening was good too.  We went to our oldest nephew [K]s 10th Birthday party.  I was pretty worn out after spending the afternoon at the pool but caught a second wind.  

Unfortunately Saturday was just terrible.  The Mr's job sucked and consumed him ALL DAY LONG!  Phone call after phone call, from 10am to 10pm!  Not how I wanted to spend our Saturday.  We also DJd a wedding.  Long..not!  Oh and did I mention that the breaker at the hotel blew once once, but twice on us?!  Of course only when the dance floor was packed did this happen! :)

Still super excited for my new job.  Starting to get pretty sad about having just 9 days left with the kiddos though. 

Talked to several friends this weekend..lined up a little girls night to have a couple margaritas for my birthday. 

Finally sent out invites for Adam's 30th.  So far lots of positive rsvps so that's good.  I'm hoping he has the time of his life.  His band is playing at his old hangout spot, which is what he wanted.  Should be a great time.

We think our air is on the fritz.  It can't seem to keep our place cool..and our place isn't that big.  Our neighbors unit isn't having a problem keeping up so it has to be our unit.  We just had the freon filled last summer so we're thinking we have a leek...awesome!  Thank goodness it's working some I guess.  

The power has flickered a few times tonight..I'm wondering if the storm will take it out.  

Lots going on to look forward to around here..

7 days until my Birthday
11 days until we see my Gpa K, Aunt S, & Cousin S [from Oregon]
15 days until my New Job
25 days until Labor Day Weekend
40 days until Adam's Birthday Party
45 days until Adam's 30 Birthday
73 days until Mexico
76 days until our 1st Anniversary


  1. Good luck with the a/c. So excited for you on your new job. You always sound so busy!

  2. Lot's of exciting things going on!!!
    I really hope you like your new job :o)

    Bummer about blowing a breaker... I blow ours at our house all the time, lol!

  3. Sounds like you had a very eventful weekend! :) Sorry that your hubs had such a busy work day. I definitely know how it is. Joe gets call after call after call all the time from his work. It's always something!

    I am super jealous that you have rain and lightning and thunder. Those are absolutely my fave. Cannot wait to go running in the rain when it is back here in Oregon!!

  4. I love having fun/exciting things to look forward to!
    Yuck to the air not working well, my aunt had the same problem, hopefully they figure yours out!

  5. Tons of fun stuff for you!!! Can't wait to hear how your new job goes.

  6. I'm sorry Saturday Sucked and I am glad to hear that Sunday went better :o) There are lots of fun things happening for you guys in the next 76 days :o) I can´t wait to hear all about all of it :)

    Have a great Monday!!!

  7. We've gotten so lucky with our AC/Heat unit. It's at least 15 years old & it's still kicking. (Knock on wood.) We're so close to the beach that most of them rust out within 5 years. I'm afraid to even have it serviced because I'm afraid it will mess up if we do! Good luck with yours!


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