Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Thursday!

So..since you all put up with me being so late last week..I thought I should make it up to you this week by posting really early & hosting a giveaway [it's my birthday..I guess I'm feeling generous :]!  
The most link ups I have had are 13, so I have decided that if I can get more than 15 people to link up this week, I'll put all your names into a drawing for a prize.
What will the prize be you ask?  Great question!  I'll give away 1 gift card for the value of link up [17 link ups=$17..23 link ups=$23] & the gift card is to wherever the winner chooses!

Outside my window.. it's going to be mid 80's - perfect [well except for the humidity that is]!! 

The time is.. 6:13 am
Today I feel..'s my last day with the kiddos.
I am thinking.. I have watched these kids nearly 100 days..but it seems like so much longer when I think about the bond we now share.
At the moment, I am thankful.. for the opportunity to spend the last 9 months with these kids..they have taught me so much!
I am going.. to start my new job Monday!
I am wearing.. comfy clothes on a Thursday for the last time!
I wish.. I could say I wasn't nervous about my new job
I am reading.. If you have to cry go outside by Kelly Cutrone
I am working on.. birthday thank yous!
I am hoping.. the transition process goes well!
I am hearing.. Murdock & the Mr snoring!
I bet you didn't know.. We're having dinner with my Grandpa [great uncle] Keith, Aunt Sharon, and Cousin Sheri tonight!! I'm so excited..they're from Oregon and we don't get to see them much anymore! :(  
One of my favorite.friends will be gone for 22 months starting this week..
My weekend plans include.[thursday] dinner with my family from Oregon [friday] the hub's sister and family are spending the night [saturday] we DJ a wedding, maybe a housewarming party [sunday] relax with Murdocks & the hubs!

Join the fun!
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Thanks for playing along!!


  1. Oh my gosh, how exciting! Happy Birthday =)
    Have an exciting weekend!

  2. Booooo feeling nauseous can drain you of so much energy. I hope you don't feel like that again!

    What kind of GPS do you have? So the Hubbs found out about a site called "Paid the Fastest" that pays you to click adds. Well we figured it wouldn't come to fruition, but boy were we wrong! He already has $150 cashed out in Paypal so far and this weekend he'll win one of their contest and he can pick between a few prizes, and he's going to pick the Garmin 755T GPS. I've always wanted a GPS just never had the extra money to get one.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    I'm all linked up :)

  4. Happy late birthday!!! It sounds like you had fun.

  5. Ooooh a giveaway!!

    Your weekend sounds like it's gonna be awesome :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh boo for saying goodbye - my girls still haven't managed it - their 'last day' of mother's helper was 08/06, but we've been by the boys' house twice already "just to visit". Can't wait to hear how your first week at work goes! Be glad your friend is going for 22 months NOW vs 20 yrs ago. Now you have IM, txt, email, etc. Can you imagine waiting for mail?!

  8. Happy Birthday Sweets!!!!

    That book sounds good. Kelly Cutrone must be a terror to work for.

    Your job is going to be great...YOU are going to be great!!!

  9. Baker City is oh about 350 miles from me. Too bad they don't live in Portland. That's only about 50 miles! :) I love living on the west coast. Yes, my job was only for summer. Very sad. I like it a lot. Since I start school on Monday I have my last day tomorrow! :(

  10. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

    Sounds like you have a full weekend planned!

  11. Happy birthday! I love this blog hop, I'll make sure and check back next Thursday to participate! I'm now following you!

    I'm human (mama) to a 6 month old boxer baby... You should come on over to my blog on Saturday- there's a Saturday Pet Blog Hop that's a great way to meet new people!

    Lucy's Human

  12. Awww, I'm so sad for you leaving the kids. I'm sure that they feel you are a part of their family as well. I hope you are able to keep in touch with them.
    Congrats on the new job!!

  13. it's amazing how quickly you can grow attached to kids! i'm betting they will miss you!


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