Tuesday, July 20, 2010


..This weekend we unexpectedly had our nephews and a niece over..it was a great time!  Now we just need to get the others nieces one of these days, well..you know between basketball and bible school and softball and play dates and vacations....oh, but before school..

..We watched Bounty Hunter last week..it was ok, but I expected more out of JA & GB.  I can't decide if I would have liked it more if they weren't in it [because I would be expecting less] or if it was only as good as it was because of them..

..Our friend Eric came over for dinner the other night.  It was his birthday.  I promised I would introduce him, so stay tuned..

..I took a typing test for a job that I 'qualified for' and bombed it today!  [Qualified..like made cut one..not offered] I bombed it so badly I went to my car and cried..I think I'll be retaking that sometime tomorrow..

..Headaches & neck pain SUCK!!  I have had them on and off for 3 days now.  I taken meds, slept with special pillows, had my back & neck cracked..I don't know what's left to do. I'm cranky..

..Adam's birthday party is in less than 2 months & I haven't even designed the invites yet...YIKES!  I MUST do that on my day off tomorrow...

..Murdock legitimately fell off the bed today..hitting the nightstand and lamp, and falling to the floor.  He ran right over to his pillow [on the floor might I add] and decided he would finish his nap there!  Speaking of Murdock..he finally got his fails trimmed..they were getting really bad..so bad he was biting them off himself..does that make us bad parents.. :/

..last night Adam [& Murdock] went on a walk with me..it was prefect..I enjoyed every.single.minute of it!  Then we watched another movie..Extraordinary Measures.  It's based on a true story & the book The Cure.  Good, simple movie..I would rent it if you haven't..

..that's all I've got [or at least have time for..we have company coming over for dinner this evening so I should probably get a game plan for that..


  1. We saw Bounty Hunter the other night and I wasn't that pleased. I'd probably give it a B- because I was expecting a lot more.

    Try getting a massage, that usually helps with my headaches and backaches when other things don't work. I have those pains A LOT!

    I thought you had a Nannying job?? I know you said you were looking for a job, but I didn't know when/if you quit the other one.

    Good luck!

  2. Wow, so that's all you have been up to huh?? LOL You have been quite busy!! Good luck with the job interviews...I know how hard that is!

    Have a great time tonight and enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  3. booo to neck pain, thats so awful!!

    You are not bad parents, sometimes I let the girls nails go a little longer than they should and they scrape their selves up.


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