Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Thursday!

Outside my window.. it's HOT!
The time is.. 6:03 am
Today I feel.. tired but happy for a few days off
I am thinking.. what i need to get done since I have F-S-S-M-T-W off
At the moment, I am thankful.. for an awesome, loving husband to share each day with
I am going.. to work very soon
I am wearing.. jean shorts, a black tee, and hat
I wish.. I found a new job that I LOVE & that pays good..oh.what.a.dream! :)
I am reading.. gave up on 'Twenties Girl', just finished 'chasing harry winston,' and am about to start 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'
I am working on.. my birthday wishlist
I am hoping.. have an awesome weekend camping
I am hearing.. quiet..only Murdock and I are awake
Around the house.. it's pretty clean
I bet you didn't know.. today is my Friday!
One of my favorite.. kinds of ice cream is Chocolate Devotion from Cold Stone Creamery...mmm!
My weekend plans include.. camping tenting, fishing, burning s'mores, celebrating a graduation, seeing my nieces & nephews, and celebrating a birthday with a SundayFunday

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I hope you all enjoy the new question I added..I always find other peoples weekend plans interesting..


  1. What a busy busy weekend...sounds like fun..and yes..I love the new question. About to go create my Just Thursday post :-)

  2. I need to include the new question!!! I did mine and then just waited to link up to yours :o) I am going to edit my post right now LOL!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your time off.

  3. I noticed the new question right away - and I like it - makes me feel a little more motivated. I haven't had Chocolate Devotion...I like cheesecake (cause it really does taste like cheesecake & I'm the only person in the house who likes cheesecake at all)(and I obviously have an obsession because I just mentioned it three times in one reply) with some kind of chocolate mix-in...yummoliciousness.

  4. Yeah! for the new job.

    Have a great weekend, my weekend will be far less exciting.

  5. Yes, I know Shelby in real life. She is who got me to start blogging actually. I have known her forever! :) Thanks for the comment, your weekend sounds like all kinds of fun!

  6. Have a fabulous weekend and an extra awesome Sunday Funday!

  7. I have next week off too! WOOOOO!!!


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