Thursday, July 15, 2010

So yesterday we hit 117* [with humidity] here in Iowa.  
& it's hot here again today.  
What's the temp in your town?


  1. Colorado has been great. This has been the hottest week so far. Yesterday was in the 90's. Couple weeks ago when the east coast was getting slammed with triple digits, we were in the 70's.

  2. My phone is telling me it is 84 right now...

  3. I think we may have hit between 60 and 65 today :o) It doesn't get hot like that here in Iceland.

  4. ummm thats ridiculous...its been in the 90s but today was 85ish and i was sweating! can't imagine how ur feeling.

  5. It has been miserable over here in Illinois too. But today the humidity is low, so it doesn't feel too bad.

    We are taking a trip over to Des Moines soon. What is there to do with 4 kid? I feel like we have done everything there already...adventureland, science center, art museum.... Any ideas? We don't mind driving a bit if we have to.


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