Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Past Week [in Photos!]

My sister Ashley came down to visit for the weekend!

Ashley & I took the kiddos to the pool & ran an several errands

The rest of my family came down for the weekend

We took family photos [after the rain] for my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Adam's Band Played @ the Harley Shop [Awesome performance!]
We ordered in from a local restaurant Chips for dinner [LOVE LOVE LOVE their chips..imagine that! :]

Alicia & I ran 3 miles [A first for me!]
I had a Purse Party [got 2 new purses!]

My family went home :(  [they'll be back in 2 weeks! :]
Except Ashley..She stayed & we ended up playing Wii Bowling with Adam's friend Eric [I beat them sooo bad! :]

Just could NOT wake up
Mackenzie's Last Day of School Treat
Ran 3 miles again! :)
Adam & I went out to eat at a new restaurant..Tokyo

Took the kids to an indoor play area & watched a little boy go missing for 15 minutes! 
The kids had celery [Ants on a Log] for the 1st time
Took the kids to the Farmer's Market
Made 'H' Supper [post to come]
Watched Deadliest Catch [fell asleep with 10 minutes left]

Read 'Heart of the Matter' by Emily Griffin
Got surprise flowers & card from Adam [that said I love spooning with you..& forking too...oh man he is romantic!! :]
Played at the park
Hit a few garage sales
Wore my 'I ♥ NY' and all of the kiddos wore theirs! :)
It stormed


  1. These are the CUTEST pictures! My favorites are, the one with your whole family when you were riding piggy back, and then the one of the kids on the stairs -- too adorable!

    Looks like a fun week to me! :)

  2. That is so cute. Looks like you had a great time.! I love all the kids in the i <3 NY shirts.!

  3. Your parents look amazing :)


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