Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Murdock Turns 2!

..or 14..whichever you prefer! :)
..we rescued you from the Jefferson Pound so we really have no clue when your 'birthday' is
..you were left tied outside on Christmas Eve 2008
..we snatched you up on January 8..it was love at first site!
..your vet [who you LOVE] thinks you were born June of 2008 [according to your teeth..did you know that is how they guess a dogs age?!]
..you trained really easy & quickly!
..your favorite buddy is your cousin Uga..we love him too!
..although you really like everyone to pieces!
..as jealous as i am..you really are a daddys boy..you lay on the couch with him everynight!
..as soon as mama goes to bed though..you're right there beside me [until daddy comes to bed & kicks you to your pillow on the floor...remember that! :]
..you have lots of toys & don't really care about them..you prefer to go running with your mama, get pet by daddy, or playing catch outside!
..you also don't like food..dog food that is...you love table food that your mama sneaks to you! :)
..your newest friend is Harley..although sometimes you two do naughty things when you're together..like chase the birds! 
..murdock..you are our first baby [even if you are a furbaby!]& your daddy & I love you to the moon & back!  You will never know the amount of joy & happiness you have brought to us the past 17 months! 
..Happy 2nd Birthday Murdock..


  1. cute!
    Happy Birthday Murdock!

  2. Happy Birthday Murdock!! Love, Dakota :)

  3. that is crazy...i know the people who run the jefferson pound. cindy and dan, is that who was working there when you got murdock? small world

  4. That is a GORGEOUS dog. I love his looooong legs. Happy bday Murdock!

  5. I love this post! It brought tears to my eyes, thinking about my own dog. Shelter dogs are the best! Happy birthday Murdock!

  6. Happy Birthday Murdock! What a handsome boy he is!

  7. Happy Birthday Murdock. He's adorable.!!
    P.S. I love his name. (:

  8. Happy Birthday Murdock!!! Sorry I´m late but like they say....better late than never :o)


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