Friday, April 16, 2010


I have a very LOVE♡HATE relationship with Google Reader..

..that it's quicker & more efficient
..I read more blogs with GR
..I 'stay on top' of my blog reading better

iHATE can't see layouts [changes, colors, polls, etc.]
..I don't comment near as much
..sometimes the whole stories don't show up for me

Anything else that I forgot to mention? Am I the only one with these feelings? What is a girl to do? I like feeling like my blogging time is used more efficiently [if that is possible!] but don't like that I comment less & don't see the changes to my friends blogs. Any suggestions for me?


  1. I love love love Reader. I've gotten used to just opening up blogs that I want to comment on, via the Reader window, and most of the blogs that I comment on frequently are the blogs that I care about checking out their pages/polls/etc. I'm not big on layouts, really, so that part hasn't been a downfall for me.

    And as for seeing only part of the blog, that's an option that the blog author can choose in their settings. I think it pretty much MAKES people come to your blog directly, which I don't like. To be honest, I have one blog on my Reader that's like that, and I just don't read it because I don't like having to go to the actual blog everytime.

    So, I guess you just have to take the bad with the good until someone comes out with something better!

  2. I'm so with you, but I think I love it more than hate it as it allows me to read more blogs. I am also not a fan of any time I try to clean up my google reader the blogs I delete are never deleted. I have so many blogs I don't even read (mostly because they've stopped blogging) that I can't delete! Serious issues with that.

  3. I agree with everyone above. I love my google reader, but it does have its annoying parts. I do love the fact that I use igoogle and it tells me when I have new stuff to read.

  4. I've never used Google reader, I just always go to the Dashboard on Blogger. When that started getting bogged down with too many blogs from doing Friday Follows, I made a separate folder for the blogs I want to read on a daily basis and I bookmarked them as favorites in my web browser. And I also have just the blogs I read on my Blog Roll that appears on my blog page.

  5. I wish someone would update Google Reader!!!

  6. Sometimes I'll use google reader on my iphone if I'm away from a computer, but if I'm at a computer I much prefer just using my blogger dashboard. It makes sure that I've read everyone's posts and that way I can see the page format.


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