Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Thursday

Outside my window..the sun is shinning but it's chilly 
The time is..almost 1pm
Today I feel..defeated!  
I am thinking..about everything!!
At the moment, I am husband
I am start saving my money!
I am wearing..jeans & a red t-shirt from Jamaica
I wish..the awesome weather would come back
I am reading..blogs until the new Emily Griffith books comes out
I am working '100th post-GIVEAWAY' 
I am it before the weekend!
I am hearing..every.single.musical instrument you could imagine!  along with 3 very rambunctious kids!
Around the are EVERYWHERE!
I bet you didn't know..we're Chicago Cubs fans
One of my favorite..kinds of chocolate is Dove.  It is so smooth!

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  1. I'm sorry the weather is crappy! here its about 80 degrees outside and smoldering here in the office. I wish I was outside!!! lol thats cute that they are all playing their musical instruments:) its reminds me of the movie family man.

  2. I am......excited to see what your giveaway is all about :-)

  3. toys are every where at our house too...only they are dog toys. i can't take a step with out stepping on some thing that squeeks....

    it's sunny up in Ames today...only the wind is super cold!!!!!!!!


  4. I played along :o) My house is a disaster and I wish it was only toys that were all over :-0 Have a great Thursday!!

  5. I also LOVE Dove chocolate.

  6. sorry the weather's yuck! hopefully the nice weather comes back soon!

    ps - sounds like you need to invest in some ear plugs ;)


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