Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Thursday & Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings..
-We spent all morning at Boarders [seriously like 3 hours!]
-We had a picnic in the Park for lunch & then played
-We stopped by a garage sale on the way home from the park a got a few steals
-Stay tuned for a post about my newest love!
-We still haven't found a car
-The Cubs finally decided to show up to a game...yay for finally winning one.  They're 6 & 9 right now if anyone cares.  We caught the game at a local 'hole-in-the-wall' bar last night.
-My back is killing me...I need to get to the chiropractor asap...I can't even pick up the girls today! :(

Outside my's a perfect day for the park!  

The time is..about 10am
Today I feel..really good.  Very energetic & ready to wear these girls out before nap time! :)
I am thinking..about a friend of Adams who recently burnt himself very, very badly at work.  He is still recovering at the hospital. 
At the moment, I am thankful..for the girls telling me they 'love me to the moon & back!'  They just melt me heart!!! :)
I am meet up with friends Friday evening!  
I am wearing..t-shirt, jeans, & barefoot [I swear this is all I ever wear here! :]
I wish..this weather would continue through the weekend!
I am reading..blogs & cookbooks [still on a waiting list @ the library!]
I am working on..savoring each day!
I am do something fun with the kids tomorrow since there is no school for Carter
I am hearing..the girls run around at Boarders..they are LOVING it..they keep telling me thanks so much for bringing them to the library! :)
Around the books are scattered everywhere
I bet you didn't was the first time I ever went to Boarders book store...can you believe it?!  What was I waiting for???
One of my favorite..things to do is stop by garage sales...even if I don't get anything! :)

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*If you do this make sure you comment so I can check yours out!

Have a great [earth] day Everyone!


  1. I did it, cheeecck it out. :)

  2. I am jealous of the picnic in the park! That sounds perfect!

  3. I don't think I've ever been to boarders either, good to hear kids like it!

    Picnics are a big hit in my house!!

  4. Following you from Trendy Treehouse's Friday Follow! Great Blog. Absolutely love your background and you have great variety. I will enjoy checking in to see what you have done next!

    Come by and enter my CSN/Rachael Ray Giveaway:


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