Wednesday, April 21, 2010

:|: 23[Before]24 :|:

So a friend of mine has a '23 before 24' list.  Those of you who know me..know that I LOVE lists!  I just though hers was great so...I made a list '22 before 23' and then realized that I too am 23 going to be 24.  Whew..good thing I set myself straight before my birthday.  That could have really confused some people!

So...without further is my list!  I'll be updating it at least once before my 24th birthday.  Here goes...

22 Before 23
23 Before 24

1.  Run every day for a month
2.  Try 3 new foods
3.  Take a picnic
4.  Donate a bunch of stuff to a charity
5.  Buy necessities only for a month
6.  Go 15 days without watching a movie
7.  Take Murdock on 20 walks
8.  Cook Adam a nice dinner unexpected one night
9.  Stay up past 9pm more
10.  Go 1 week without eating any chocolate
11.  Meet 3 new people
12.  Read 5 books
13.  Go golfing
14.  Wear contacts for 17 days [no glasses]
15.  Run a 5k
16.  Go 15 days without eating potatoes
17.  Take a 5 day computer break
18.  Plan my parents 25th Anniversary
19.  Go 5 weeks without eating a donut
20.  Take the kids to the zoo
21.  Go fishing
22.  Take Murdock to a dog park
23.  Do an ab workout 2 times a week for a month


  1. Good list! I'm doing a 23 before 23 list!

  2. O too funny! I LOVE lists!!! Like majorly love them! On another note, I found it funny that I too hope to do number 9 more often! We are so old, aren't we?? I would love to run everyday for a month, but I don't see that happening anytime soon! How long do you have before you turn 24?? This is a great list!

  3. 33 before 34 seems like way too long of a list for people to read, they'd get bored :)

    You lost me after 'running everyday'. I like to run, but everyday - kill me now.

    Your list makes me feel lazy and old (JK), sort of.

  4. those are some great goals! i need to do one of these! mine would be the same! 23 before 24!

  5. I love a good list as well!!! When is your birthday?!?!

  6. Such a great list! Love the trying new foods and meeting new people!


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