Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting to know you [ME]

The questions..

1. Showers or baths?
I prefer baths but my schedule usually allows for a shower.
2. Do you have any crazy urges?
Not that I can think of.  I do have an obsession with 'combining' things.  [Ex: multiple body wash or condiment containers]  It drives my hubby crazy! :)
3. What is one thing we don't know about you?
I have 4 tattoos.
4. it or hate it?
Hate to get up and do it...Love the feeling afterwards.  I try to workout 4 times a week..not always so successful!5. Do you think you have a good body image?
It could be better but I will not complain.
6. Flour or corn tortillas?
I prefer flour but get corn since they're better for us.
7. How do you celebrate Easter?
Well..nowadays not much!  :(  Home with the dinners etc.  I don't really miss the egg dying or hunts though..sunrise service was always a huge deal as a kid though.  
8. Hard boiled Easter eggs or plastic eggs?
Snickers! :)



  1. there is a surprise for you on my blog today. just e-mail me your adress and which one you would like

  2. I liked the answer to number 8.


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