Monday, March 22, 2010

You asked..I answered! & Giveaway Winners!

Thank You all for your awesome questions!  I answered them & posted the winners to my giveaway below!  
Mama M. asked...Where is Ankeny, Iowa?! (And how do you pronounce that?)
Ankeny is just North of Des Moines [Iowa's Capital!] in Central Iowa.  It sounds like Ank [yank w/out the y] e [A] ny [like Knee].  WOW!  I think I should take the time to learn what the little marks & capital letters mean..This question would have been MUCH easier! :)
*Mrs.messi asked...What about the married life most surprised you?
I confess..We lived together before we were married! :/  Nothing about marriage has really surprised me yet.  I guess the most challenging/time consuming/stressful thing so far is getting everything changed into my new name.  I just don't think I put much thought into everything that needs changed and the correct process of it all.  Ex: I can change my SSC & DL but have to wait to change my passport until this winter because we already booked our trip to Mexico in my maiden name and the tickets cannot be transferred...really?! ugg!
Neely asked...What is your favorite thing to do with the hubs?
STAY HOME & RELAX!  I think it's my favorite because we are usually so busy!  But I'm sure you meant something so much more exciting!  So I would say Skiing in the Winter & Camping in the Summer!  We always have so much fun & great memories from these trips!  I [heart] them! 
Krystal asked...You like Hypnotic, eh? What's your favorite way to drink it? Mixed? Straight up?
Yes..In college I didn't like ANY LIQUOR! until I found this.  It is still really the only 'liquor' I will drink.  I prefer it to be shaken with pineapple juice..YUMMO!!!  Many people call it Kool-aid because it is SOO NOT STRONG! :)
Pam, mom, honey, long have you been a nanny and will you ever do anything different?
I have been a nanny on & off [summers/weekends] since I was in High School but this is the first time I have quit my job to do it.  I have been a nanny with this family for only 5 months [holy cow the time has flown!!]  At some point I will do something different [since the girls are turning 3 next week & they wont need me forever] but hopefully I'll be able to go right from being a nanny to staying home with my own children!  That is my dream..lets see that God's plan is! :)
Kayla asked...When do you plan on having children? What is your most absolute favorite thing to do with your hubby? What's your secret for getting so many followers so quickly!? :-)
This question is great [we just talked about this during our 'weekend away'] we are still undecided!  I wish I could say I was the brave person that just 'let it happen when it happens' but I'm not.  I'm a planner!  We originally thought we would try this fall [around Adam's 30th Birthday & our 1 year Anniversary] but the closer it gets the more we want to savor our baby-free days!  So I guess short answer..we have no idea! :)  You will all know when it happens..promise! 
Absolute most favorite thing to do..anything with him!  I mentioned before but I just love our hang out at home days.  We don't have to be 'out' to have a great day.  We love to just be together & we always make it fun! 
Arizona Mamma asked...How long before you think you'll try for kids of your own?
I'm so undecided!  Some days I tell Adam I'm ready to try today and other times I think we should wait another year before starting.  The thing is I cannot wait to be a mom but I want to give my kids my full attention so I want to make sure I get all my selfishness out ahead of time!  The next time Adam & I will be kid-free I'll be like 50!  I'm sure we will do different things together at that age! :)  Adam would have got pregnant on our honeymoon if I would have agreed!
Melissa asked...What is your dream job?
I was asked the same question in 1st grade.  I still have the same answer..Stay At Home Mama! :)  I cannot wait!
Shelby Bukhenik asked...What did you do in the salon you worked in for 6 years and How long have you been a nanny?
EVERYTHING!  I started cleaning the tanning beds, then a receptionist, then purchasing products, when I ended I was doing a/p, a/r, and payroll.  I LOVED it! Then I moved..
I have been a nanny several times, this time about 5 months.
Kendra asked...What is your favorite book.? I am a big reader and love new books.
I love authors Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult, and Emily Griffin but all time favorite book is probably 'Firefly Lane'  I just love that book!  It's a long read but so worth it!  
Stephanie Hartman asked...What do you like to do for fun??
Shop, get pedicures & massages, read, blog, travel, ski, go to movies, babysit, and last but most certainly not least.. spend time with family, friends, & Murdock.
*Helga asked...When you and Adam have a baby what do you want first ...a boy or a girl???
I want a healthy baby.  I don't care if I get a boy or girl, just healthy babies! I'll take whatever God gives me.  I would like 5..Adam isn't sold on that yet.  Also..I have a HUGE desire to have multiples!  PRAY PRAY PRAY! :)
Shelby asked... Do you already have baby names picked out? And if so, do you share them with anyone? 
We don't really have names picked out for sure.  We both love Aiden and Brecken for boy names.  I love Bennett for a girl name but we already have one in the family! :( Adam wants to use Dean for a middle name [since it is his & his dads middle name] and I would like to incorporate my moms maiden name [Jordan] into one of our kids names [either boy or girl].  We will just see I guess.  I don't really want to find out the sex ahead of time so we'll have to pick out both just in case!
Beth asked...Your puppy is precious. Do you tell your parents that it is their granddog until you have children??
Thank You!  Yes, my parents know they have 2 grandsons.  My sister has an English Bulldog, Uga [3] and we have a Great Dane/Weimaraner mix, Murdock [1 1/2].  They will take what they can get for now! :)
Mom24 asked...why do you Nanny? Was it always something you new you wanted to do, or do you do it for other reasons?
I always had interest but it's hard to find a family that is able to make it your full time job.  When the opportunity came..I jumped & am loving every bit of it!  Since we don't have children of our own yet, this is the closest I can get! :)
Sonora asked... Would you consider nannying even after you have children of your own?
Yes & No..I would consider it if they came to my house.  Once I have children I will not go into someone else's home.  
Kathy K asked...What are some of your favorite places to vacation?
Jamaica was the best!  I always love Florida or Alabama [I love the Gulf!] I have family in Oregon and find it such a peaceful & gorgeous place to live!  I always have fun in Chicago & Kansas City!  I love traveling! :):):)
Amanda Weezie askd... If you had your choice to go anywhere in the world and why? 
This was the hardest question for me.  I would say Australia since Adam & I both want to go there.  
Hilary Lane asked...If you had to choose between a cell phone (phone & text only, no fancy 3G) or a computer as your only piece of technology for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? 2. What made you choose Murdock? If you didn't pick him out, how did you get him?
A computer for sure.  Adam will agree I could not live without my computer.  I don't use my phone much at all.  Like maybe 500 minutes a month!
I have no idea.  We didn't really look around.  One Saturday morning we woke up and Adam said...want to go get a dog?  I was like YA!  So I searched for large dogs in the area online and we hoped in the car.  An hour later we saw him for the first time & just fell in love.  He was very underweight, shy, & just adorable.  He was good with all the dogs [even the little yippee ones] and people too.  It was a done deal...I wouldn't go home without him.  One of our best decisions!
My Husband's Watching TV... asked...What is your favorite tv show???
First, I must say...I LOVE your blog title!  It is too funny!  Same thing at my house! :)  I don't watch much TV at all but I would have to say 2 1/2 men just because it's one of the few shows Adam & I watch together.  Always a great laugh midweek! 

A HUGE THANK YOU for all of your questions!  I LOVED responding to them!  I think I'll do it again in the future.  But for now..I'm sure you all noticed the * by 2 names.  Yep..Mrs.messi and Helga chose you!  Please send me an email with your address & I'll be mailing your gift out!


  1. I'm so excited to be a winner and I loved reading all your answers!

    Staying home with the hubby and relaxing is so wonderful - one of my favorite things to do, too!

  2. So? I travel, when I am able to go (haven't been in almost 2 years, to Kansas City, Mo from Canada through North Dakota. I can't remember for the life of me what the interstate # is. How far away would you be from where we travel through Iowa? Because that would be cool, to have a meet the next time we go through as a family...whenever that is....

  3. Whew! That was a doozie of a post. Loved reading your answers. Seeing as how you are so young and all ;)...there is no rush on kids. Do it when you feel totally ready. Your life will never be the same.

  4. Yippy!!! I won :o) That was so much fun! I loved reading your answers. It is so much fun to learn so much about my bloggy friends :o)

  5. Firefly Lane is also one of my favorite books! Good for you for wanting "us" time before you have any babies. We waited until after our first anniversary to start "trying" for a baby and our daughter was born almost a month shy of our second anniversary.

  6. My prize came in the mail! I LOVE scrapbooking! Did you know that, or was it a coincidence? Anyway, GREAT giveaway! Thanks so much!


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