Monday, March 22, 2010

not Me! Monday...

...I did not go out of town with only ballet slippers & heels when the forecast said 'SNOW' & then actually want my husband to give me a piggy-back around The Plaza because my feet were FREEZING cold & SOAKING wet!  I'm much more responsible & mature than that!

...And I definitely did not let Mackenzie miss the bus this morning!  I'm a much better nanny than that!  [P.S.-Monday after Spring Break & weekend out of town..You Suck!]

Is there anything you 'didn't do' this week?


  1. I've been there. Once my girls missed the bus. I was so tired - and hadn't showered in a couple days... so I caved. They got a FREE "STAY HOME FROM SCHOOL DAY" - and we did nothing for the entire day.

    Gotta love being a Mom somedays, huH!

    I hope you have a great week!


  2. shoes, they are the most important part of the outfit. I've been there.

  3. I have been guilty of poor wardrobe planning on out of town trips. Usually for me, it's the other way around, though. I only pack brrrrr-winter clothes, then end up with nothing to wear when it turns out to be 80!

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