Wednesday, March 24, 2010

KC 2010

With a free weekend on our calendar we decided to take advantage and go out of town for a little getaway.  First thought was to just get in the car and drive somewhere but we if you've been reading long you know me..We booked a hotel in Kansas City for Friday and Saturday nights.
Thursday Night..A high school friend of mine and her daughter came to visit.  We grilled & chatted Thursday night.  Friday I had off so we shopped [these were my 3 purchases..I promise not to wear them all at the same time! :] & went out to Lunch at Jason's Deli.

After Mel & Stella left I packed for Adam, Murdock, & myself.  Our good friends Ashley & Preben watched Murdock as they always do when we go out of town [THEY ARE WONDERFUL!]  I wouldn't leave town if I couldn't have them watch him!  Seriously! I dropped him off and we headed south [3 not really south..but it sounds better!].  We got to the hotel around 7 and decided to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, Lily's.  Since we were in Kansas City, I ordered a BBQ pulled pork sandwich [holy moly..big mistake!].  They use chipotle and it was HOT HOT HOT!  Thank goodness for my amazing husband who gave me his cheeseburger and ate my hot sandwich! :)  They we stopped by the hotel bar for a quick cocktail and by concierge to find a few things to do.  Then we settled in early so we were ready for our big day.

Saturday we got up about 9 and headed to the Plaza to SHOP!  Here are a few of the things I got.  The weather turned snowy/rainy and I only brought ballet flaps and heels for the evening so I decided to cut out the stores we have around home & only go to the other ones.  I went to Anthropologie for the FRIST TIME [I know..don't fall over!] since I'm always reading about the amazing stuff you ladies find there.  I got a cute metal 'H' to hang up..I'm so excited!  I also got a cute black tee shirt from A|X that I can't wait to sport!  After shopping we headed to 'Arthur Bryants' BBQ restaurant.  We were so excited because it's been shown on the Food Network channel many times.  After the BBQ incident at the hotel I ordered a PLAIN [NO sauce!] pork sandwich.  Adam got the burnt ends with the sweet & savory sauce.  Again..I liked his soo much better than mine that he swapped me [aren't I such a lucky girl! :]  Although both were good Adam's had so much more flavor!  They give you HUGE portions!  I would definitely recommend everyone trying it once.  Next time we'll try a few other places we heard..unfortunately we just didn't have much time this trip.  After dinner we headed to the Argosy Hotel & Casino for a little gambling.  This was a beautiful place except they had like 10 tables.  Such a disappointment since they had about 120947389 slot machines!  I sat down to play Blackjack and this creepy old guy [okay not that old, under 60, but REALLY CREEPY!!!] who I think was drunk kept trying to hit on me.  It was terrible!  He kept trying to grab my hand, blow me kisses, and give me his money [he bought in 3 different times for $1500 each...SO SAD!]  I assured him that I had my own money and I was fine.  Finally I had to text Adam to come by me because I was freaked out and he said we're out of here.  I lost [first time ever!] and I blame it on that guy!  He totally got in my head. UGG!  

Anyhow..We headed back to our hotel.  I got a quick nap in and Adam watched UNI [ranked 9th] dominate KU [ranked 1st].  So awesome because we were in Kansas City [total conincidence]. Thank goodness I woke up just in time for the end.  It was BEAUTIFUL! :)  I was pretty happy since I graduated from UNI.  We got ready and walked [yep in the inches of snow with heels...oh what a sight! :] to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner.  Wonderful food as well.  I didn't get an bison but the homemade chips & dip was a great appetizer and the chicken that I ordered was so juicy.  They also had fabulous potatoes.  Adam got a great steak too.  Another awesome thing about Ted's..they use paper straws [not plastic].  Am I totally behind on things?  I have never seen this before but I fell in love with them!  So cute & great for the earth!  I'm going to see where I can buy some!  Until then I snagged a few to bring home with me!  :) 
After that we walked to the Power & Light District which was awesome.  I can't wait to go back in the summer.  They have a HUGE outdoor screen playing sports on it with fun seating & open areas.  Around this little 'addition' are two levels of restaurants & bars.  We chose to go to 'Howl at the Moon' Piano Bar [imagine that! :]  It was so much fun!  Sorry for the crappy photo of's the only one we got all weekend! :(

Then we took a $10 cab ride [2 blocks] back to our hotel and called it a night.  We took off about 11am Sunday to head home, after we stopped at a Waffle House!  
We had such a great time together.  This was our first trip ever just the two of us and we really enjoyed it.  I can't wait to take many more mini-vacations.  Oh and real ones too!  Mexico in 7 months! :):):)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! If you ever make a weekend in St. Louis, try Bandana's BBQ, or if you travel I-44 West out of St. Louis, stop in at Missouri Hick BBQ, very awesome food at both places!

  2. Awww such pretty pictures! Looks like you guys had an awesome time, and what a little cutie girl you're friend has:) ps I love love love Anthropologie! I wish I could win a shopping spree there, seriously I think I would just sit in the store and look around and cry.

  3. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I love little getaways like that! I LOVE the heels/booties too!

  4. It looks you had a GREAT weekend! I would love to go to Kansas City and try some barbecue! I wish we had an Anthropologie around here, I love their things!

  5. Wow, you had an awesome weekend! I'm jealous of all that shopping! Love the grey top!

  6. Sounds like fun!! I'm pretty sure I have that exact pair of black heels! Are they GB?

  7. Omg, where have I been & how did I miss this post? You two look like you had such a blast. You guys are adorable together! :) I can't wait for time [& money] to get away for the weekend. :)


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