Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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So...I have a quick question before I hit the hay tonight [yep, it's 9 o'clock now so it's okay! :]  

We finally got our marriage certificate and now I can't remember....

am I supposed to change my Driver's License, then Social Security Card?
do I change my Social Security Card, then Driver's License?

We live in Iowa [although I think it's the same in each state]

Please help if you have been through this...or even if you know the answer for that matter....

Thanks a Million!


  1. in NC it's social security then dmv. good luck! it's a waiting process!

  2. In FL its Social Security then DMV..Hope this helps girl.

  3. I know it took me 2 weeks to get my social security card in the mail.. =(

  4. Yep, SS first and then good luck with your DMV.. mine refuses to allow me a new license because they don't believe my Scottish marriage license is legit! Even after I showed them my marriage visa (which is permanently part of my passport), they still refuse to accept my license! Ugh! I'm stuck for now and too lazy to push it further. Funny, the Federal Government had no problem with it but the State of NJ... well, what should I expect from a state that worships the housemates of the Jersey Shore!

  5. I THINK it's SS first. I changed my SS right after we got our marriage license, but I didn't change my DL until several months later. And then it was only because I needed an updated ID with my married name on it so I could fly.

  6. I wish I could help but I have no idea which one to do first?

    Which makes me pretty useless!

  7. In Arkansas I had to change my SS card first and then wait for it to come in and take my marriage license and SS card with me to the DMV to get my named changed! GOod Luck!

  8. Oh Lordy, I did this all wrong!! I went to go get my SS card first (right). Then I went to the DMV with my suitcase of personal information (right). My marriage license was not in said suitcase (wrong).

    Did I not have to have my marriage license to change my name on my social security card? So doesn't my social security card show proof enough that I am indeed now a C*, instead of a J*?

    Good luck!


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