Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 Things I Love...Around my Home

it's tuesday [already!]...

which means another round of two things i love... around my home!

all you have to do is find two things in your home that you are lovin and/or appreciating this week

then write a post about it with a link back to 
BacWoods Fern, and link up to the mcklinky

sound fun?

hope so!

here are my two things i love this week...

I love this mirror!  *Please do not notice how disgustingly dirty this mirror is!  I bought this at an At Home America party from a girl I worked with...Purchased in 2004/2005.  Very versatile!

Next item...

Okay...I cheated again this week but I just love my room!  Everything about it!  I love the low bed, the colors/throw, and all the dark furniture/mirror.  I think this blog has been good for me...I just now realized that I have over 5 mirrors hanging in my house [not including those in the bathroom!...can we said OVERKILL!?]  I bought the bedroom set from Homeakers Furniture when I moved out of my parents house [2007ish], and the bedding at Target before that...2005/2006?  

If you want to share the two things you're loving in your home, link up! 


  1. I really love your bedroom - the colors are great!

  2. oh the bedroom is so vibrant! very beautiful! i love the bubble things hanging from your ceiling : )

  3. I love your bedroom - it's so bright and inviting!

  4. lovely two things!
    i love the paper lanterns in your bedroom and the colors!

    thanks for playing along!

  5. That is some great bedding. Love the bright colors and the dark wood.

  6. Hey thanks for stoppin by my blog! I haven't seen the egg thing-a-ma-jigger? sounds neat though! she has lots of fun stuff:)

    love you blog too! i your newest follower:)

  7. And holy cow...i just realized, you live in Ankeny? Are you kidding me? I live in Ames.

    How crazy!

  8. Here visiting from Marketing Monday! Have a great day...


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