Monday, February 8, 2010


Wow...Another Monday!  This year is just going too fast already!  I can't seem to keep up!  Since I haven't posted for like a week I thought I would give you the weekend recap and then follow along with a blog train.

<b>Dear</b> <b>John</b>Let's see...Friday...I got off work early which worked out great since I needed to take my car it to for oil.  I knew it was low on oil but couldn't get the cap off myself [and was tired of begging my husband to do it] so I decided to run into the place I get it changed at.  They filled it [added 3 only hold 4...YIKES!].  So...we aren't sure if I have a leak or it's burning oil but they're checking that out this week.  After oil I ran a few errands and went home to get ready to meet up with some friends.  We went out to dinner and then to see Dear John.  We had a great time and the movie was awesome.  I haven't read the book yet but decided to go to the movie anyways.  Loved it!  I would recommend it!  Once I got home I chatted for a bit, enjoyed a glass of wine, & pack us for Saturday!

Saturday....Loaded up & left the house by 7am!  Drove back to my hometown to get your taxes done...YAY YAY YAY is all I have to say! :)  Our savings account will be singing!  Then hung out with my family [played games & ate WAY too much!]  

Sunday...Left the fams about 1pm and headed home to drop off Murdock & make a few treats to take to our friends house for the superbowl.  Adam watched the game & had wigs with the boys but I sat back and rocked the baby all night.  It was far better than the game!  Our friends had baby E right before Christmas and he is an absolute doll!  He was smiling the whole night!  

Well...that was our weekend...lots of driving but we got to spend quality time with family & friends so it was all worth it!  This morning I can't seem to get myself together for the week...hopefully that changes soon!  Not much planned for the week...yay!  Just grocery shopping one of these nights.  I can't believe that next weekend is already Valentines day!  I really need to get in the spirit!  What about you?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?  What is your plan for Valentines Day?

Alright...enough of my is the fun part......

Outside my window...another 5 inches of snow falling
I am many times does Mally have to go to the doctor this week?
I am thankful for...every minute I get to spend with my family
I am wearing...jeans & a sweatshirt from high school dance team [ahh the memories!]
I am remembering...the weekend memories
I am going...cuddle with my hubby tonight...recoup from the weekend!
I am currently reading...The Devil in the Junior League by Linda Francis Lee
I am get in the mood for Valentines 
On my mind...What to make for Adam from Valentines & Mallory's health & the weather
Noticing that...I really need to get myself back on the workout wagon
From the idea...I guess grocery shopping!
Around the house...lounging...trying to get M better
One of my favorite things...making vacation plans! :) Oh...and reading blog comments & seeing more followers!!!

Now that you've read mine check out The Simple Woman's Daybook for her post...and of course copy it & do your own!

Check back later for another fun post.....



  1. i'm dying to see that movie! i'm a sucker for anything chikc-y! ha ha! thanks for the comment! you've got a new follower too!
    so did you cry ur eyes out in the movie?

  2. I am so tired of Not Me Monday! I am totally going to go do this!

    P.S. I love road trips, long or short.

  3. I'm hoping to see Dear John this week, but it's a busy one so we'll see!

    I was singing on the taxes this weekend too - being a college student and making a hefty interest payment on student loans (well, not that hefty but when you're in college and broke... haha) made for a nice return. My savings will also be singing!

  4. Hello popping in from Marketing Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Became a follower. Lucky for me, hubbie and I never get into Valentine's Day!

  5. Ooo! I think we're going to see that movie for Valentines day! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!


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